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Awakening to the Spirit World, Chapter 3: Reconnecting with Nature

Scott K

Emden, Germany I'm back into my writing groove and just in time! This week is Chapter 3 of Awakening to the Spirit World: Reconnecting with Nature.

Looking back on my learning path I still cannot find the lasting benefit of thinking of the world as an object to be owned. From the very elements of the earth, air, fire, and water we are created and to the earth we return, cycling back into the natural world in our passing.

Our actions are directly responsible for our current global situation. Many children grow up without the basic lesson, the teaching that we are part of all things through our actions, thoughts, word, and deed. What we do affects the Web of Life, and in turn the web has affect our lives. How we consume directly causes change to all our relations. The essence of the reading then becomes knowing who are other relations are.

Everything is, was, or will be a part of life. Trees singularly have a spirit in the sense that they are embodied of a bit of the Life Force Energy. A tree in turn is dependent on the carbon dioxide we emit, they sustain life from root to branch with a myriad of creatures great and small who inhabit that tree. The tree is part of the forest, housing uncountable facets of life. Beings. Living, breathing, thinking life.

Animism is the recognition of the living spirit of all things. Sacred places, spirits of earth, sky, animal, bush and stone.

Shamanism is an animist tradition. Animists believe that ever thing has a spiritual aspect or soul and thus everything is alive and aware to some degree. The Middle World is the place where the shaman communicates with the spiritual aspects of the land, the trees, the plants, the rocks, and the animals that exist on the Earth.

Chapter 3, Awakening to the Spirit World

As you work in the magickal world we all know that you encounter spirit in various form. It isn't just finding this spirit in all things but learning to communicate with it, build relationships, establish communication with respect, and even gratitude so that the relations last.

Chapter three of Awakening to the Spirit World, Reconnecting with Nature, stirred a lot around for me. My mind seemed to pluck at memories of Black Elk, Joseph Campbell, and the guardians of the four directions. These are our relations. I was taught that we introduce ourself to these natural forces. We are connecting to them on a natural level. It isn't supernatural, it's just nature.

Not to reduce the name... Nature is our essential being and learning to communicate with it, through all of our senses along our journey is part of the process of knowing our place in the living world.

We each have seasons and tides, elements of being and I love that the writers take the time to point out that not all of us want to hybernate in the winter and party on in the summer. Though many of us are generally effected by the season, the moon, and the weather we are not all powered or dissempowered by the same forces. Some of us find strength in storms.

There are some interesting suggestions in chapter three to teach the reader to find their season, to know their elements through the directions and to commune with the natural world, strengthening the earth practice of harmony and connection.

The fun part for me was looking at exercises that I have known for some time, sometimes years, and revisiting them through a different lens, and language. The message of the journey here in Awakening to the Spirit World, seems to enfold in a connect to your sacred nature, your self, and the world but it is not a new one. The book and its exercises then become meaningful in the richness of the journey we create with it.

And I like that Sandra and Hank point us in that direction, the self. From the self then the journey. Through the journey the living world. And from the reflections of the living world, reality, back to self.

Sounds like the Fools Journey to me but I've always likened the Fool to Trickster on many levels.

We can weave together many threads at this point, bits of color that lead off into other tradition and can be woven back and threaded into a similar tapestry of Shamanism, Witchery, or Medicine but the beauty is that the message tells us to connect to the Mother, the earth.

Back in the day I worked at Borders in Westwood. I ran the Religion and Metaphysics section, go figure. Anyway I had a lot of conversation amidst the aisles of words from Judaism and prophets, UFO's, and Alester Crowley. It was a great job, I admit it and I'd go back if I made more money at it. :)

Anyway, um, I remember standing with one of the supervisors and discussing Wicca. I think we were joined by another co-worker who asked if I was "a Wicca" (intelligent I know) and I had replied that I was pagan-ish. That brought up the discussion of what I / it (the Wicca) was all about. The supervisor I was with said, "Well it's really about connecting with nature. Our nature and the planet."

Plainly stated, she was right.

Awakening to the Spirit world, Chapter 3: Connecting with Nature.

Exercises, thoughts, and ideas that will help you along that natural journey, within, then out again.

Be well,

Scott K Smith TheSacredOther blog and The Temple Well of LA.

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