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Journey through Darkness: Pluto Turns Retrograde « virgo magic

Scott K

This is a great blog about the Pluto Retrograde. Read up!

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Feeling a little dark? In the shadows? Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, is now stationary, before turning Retrograde tonight at 7:33pm (Pacific Time). When a planet “stations” — appears to stand still in the sky before changing directions — we get a strong dose of that planet’s energy, and themes related to that planet are up for everybody. If you’re currently “enjoying” a Pluto transit, you’ll feel this one more intensely.

Pluto brings awareness to what has been hidden or repressed — those deep dark places in our psyche that we often prefer not to think about. During Plutonian periods (i.e., now), we are called to delve into the subconscious realm, to feel the feelings lurking there, and to be really honest with ourselves about what we find.

via Journey through Darkness: Pluto Turns Retrograde « virgo magic.


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