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Pluto Retrograde: April 6th - September 13th


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Pluto Retrograde: April 6th - September 13th

Scott K


Alright... well Pluto, the recently demoted planet to but a "Dwarf Planet" I have heard is about to counter the 2006 demotion, and stand up for politically correct terminology and equal rights for little planets everywhere. *shrug* in the meantime, it's going retrograde on our butts and here are what some of the astrologers are saying about the upcoming retrograde period. Pluto Retrograde 2010 Via Lynn Koiner at Astrological Research:

In the natal chart, Pluto tends to operate even more Plutonian when it is retrograde. It is far more intense, it possesses a higher degree of concentration and it, therefore, gives greater insights into the subconscious. Because of this intensity, the individual can see much more than normally possible and it is easy to become suspicious of the motives of others. The powers of regeneration are far greater when retrograde. People with a natal retrograde Pluto have a tremendous ability to overcome major illnesses that might otherwise cause permanent disability. Remember, retrograde motion is always directed toward inner activity such as the psyche or psychological patterns that affect the physical body. Direct motion, on the other hand, is directed towards external circumstances.

Pluto turns retrograde on Saturday April 4 until September 11, between 3º17’ and 3º08’ Capricorn via Michelle Karen:

This degree is symbolized by “a group of people outfitting a large canoe at the start of a journey by water”. It is important that we impose natural limits upon ourselves and do our best not to “chew more than we can swallow”. This is a time when we need to create healthy boundaries that will help us structure all the new ventures we want to embark upon. Focus, realism and discipline help us see all our projects to the finish line. We should think BIG, yet implement the solid foundation that will support our journey to its victorious conclusion.

~(Also note that there is a big bit on retrogrades and the monthly horoscope at her site now.

And of course I've always loved Susan Miller at, you would just need to choose your individual sign and read from there. I guess they have "an app for that" as well... I must investigate. I tend to read Leo and Virgo, since I was born on the cusp. Scary isn't it. :)

I don't want to set a tone of "Oh terrible Pluto!" because I do believe that all things come to an end, it's just the idea brought about by some descriptive writes such as anihilation, destruction, break down. The strong sex-death connotation is there as well, Pluto did take Persephone down into the underworld to be his bride and she was the daughter of Zeus, so it get's a little kinky with the Greek pantheon since that would make Pluto her uncle.

I'm wandering here.

What does a retrograde mean for you? What about a Pluto Retrograde?

Happy Monday eve!

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