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Ervin Laszlo: Quantum Consciousness: Our Evolution, Our Salvation


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Ervin Laszlo: Quantum Consciousness: Our Evolution, Our Salvation

Scott K


Ervin continues his exploration. I'm actually sort of curious about this journey. It presses the boundary and borders "New Age"... but that's all "Old Age", isn't it? Revisiting ancient concepts with modern  thought, science, theory, and evolving consciousness...

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In the first post of this series I promised to explore the wider implications of our having a quantum computer in our head. What does this revolutionary understanding of the capacities of the human brain mean for our life and our future?

Here I call "quantum consciousness" the consciousness we access when we use the potentials of our quantum-computer brain. Our brain is a macroscopic quantum system, yet we use it as if it were exclusively a classical biochemical system. With its quantum-system functions, our brain can receive information not only from our eyes and ears, but directly from the wider world with which we are "entangled" -- nonlocally connected. Insightful people throughout history, whether shamans or scientists, poets or prophets, have extensively used this capacity, innate to all human beings. Today it is widely neglected. This impoverishes our world picture and causes a nagging sense that we are separate from the world around us.

I believe that quantum consciousness could be the next stage in the evolution of our consciousness -- and that this evolution could be our salvation. Let me explain.

get the full article at Huffington Post, via Ervin Laszlo: Quantum Consciousness: Our Evolution, Our Salvation.


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