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Interview / Article: Therese Borchard: 5 Gifts of Being Highly Sensitive


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Interview / Article: Therese Borchard: 5 Gifts of Being Highly Sensitive

Scott K


Short and sweet because, well, I think in reading down to the "curses" of being highly sensitive, I've found something that has described me over a lifetime. Although I have heard of Highly Sensitive People, I think I didn't realize that I fit some of the characteristics, especially the sensitivity to others emotions and the need for periods of solitude. Um... yeah I have been on the planet almost 37 years. ha.


Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Douglas Eby, M.A./Psychology, who is a writer and researcher on the psychology of creative expression, high ability and personal growth. He is creator of the Talent Development Resources series of sites, at I know many of you are "highly sensitive" and enjoy articles on that topic, so I am excited to pique his highly sensitive brain today!

After a Q and A, down at the bottom I read this...

Question: And, if you had to name five curses, what would they be? And how best do we overcome them or co-exist with them?


1. Easily overwhelmed, overstimulated

2. Affected by emotions of others

3. Need lots of space and time to ourselves

4. Unhealthy perfectionism

5. Living out of sync with our culture

Read the whole interview via Therese Borchard: 5 Gifts of Being Highly Sensitive at the Huffington Post.

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