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Book Review: The Everything Reiki Book / Reiki Master Phylameana lila Désy

Scott K

Reiki Master Phylameana lila Désy has been a long time, online friend of mine. I was originally introduced to her through the website. It wasn't quite aeon's ago but it seems like she has been an online presence of guidance, writing, and support, for forever.

Lila hosts the Carnival of Healing, which many of us have  been a part of, she writes, tweets, blogs, and always provides a fun and balanced viewpoint.

I am always reading. Well not ALWAYS, but much of my quiet time finds me with a book in hand or a blog open on the laptop. I had emailed Lila back and forth a bit about her book, The Everything Reiki Book, and she graciously offered me a copy.

Time went by. I got a wonderful new puppy we call Trixie, and "life-stuff" got in the way of some of my more relaxing pleasures like reading but Lila's book was always on my things I'd like to do list.

I finally sat down to read The Everything Reiki Book and I'm glad I did, it's  a wealth of easy to read information that can benefit many practitioners. A resource that I will keep on hand for new students. A step by step, easy to follow introduction to branching out and treating others, and much more.

I've found a lot of good books on Reiki but for as good as they can be there are parts that (in my opinion) should be included. Other interesting facts flow through the chapters including, the myths about Hawaya Takata's story telling about Usui, and thoughts about why. Who the original 22 Reiki Masters are that Takata trained, and even the wide spectrum of Reiki modalities that have sprouted up over the years.

If you're looking for a good book about Reiki, what is it, how it's done, where it came from, and much more I would suggest that you start with the Everything Reiki Book, the launching pad for further studies and energetic growth.

Thank you Lila for sending me an autographed copy!

Everything Reiki Book:

For centuries, reiki has been valued by Eastern cultures as a means for relieving pain and balancing the body’s natural energies. This hands-on healing method is now gaining subscribers in the Western world who seek a mind-body approach to overall wellness.

The Everything® Reiki Book introduces readers to basic reike techniques and teaches them how they can channel positive energy to reduce stress, enhance vitality, and strengthen the immune system. Packed with easy-to-follow instruction and helpful illustrations, The Everything® Reiki Book is the perfect resource for readers interested in using this effective touch therapy in the comfort of their own homes.

Reike Master Phylameana lila Désy shows readers how to: ·Identify and tap into "life energy" ·Make use of reiki principles for treating themselves and others ·Channel positive energy through proper hand placement ·Use reiki to alleviate specific ailments, such as indigestion and foot pain ·Integrate reiki into all aspects of daily life

Written with the beginner in mind, The Everything® Reiki Book is a practical approach to all-around wellness for the body, mind, and soul.

You can order The Everything Reiki Book through your local bookseller, or on the web at

– - – - Be well,

Scott K Smith TheSacredOther blog and The Temple Well of LA.


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