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Article: Mother birds know best -- even before birth

Scott K

Yes. Sunday morning and the hamsters in the head are starting to spin. They go round and round with articles like this. How we influence our young as they develop... not only through eating right, being healthy, and our emotional state. Maybe you're the parents who read or sang to your baby in the womb.

Imagine if you could give your baby a direct message about the type of environment that it is about to enter...

*wonders, but don't we?*

Nature is cool.

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Mother Birds Know Best -- Even Before Birth

ScienceDaily (Mar. 27, 2010) — Mother birds communicate with their developing chicks before they even hatch by leaving them messages in the egg, new research by a team from the Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge, has found.


"We've known for about twenty years that maternal substances in the egg can influence how chicks develop, but the common assumption is that they are a means by which mothers manipulate their offspring in a way that suits the mother more than the chick.

via Mother birds know best -- even before birth.

"What we've shown is the reverse: these substances are actually there to suit the chick. If we muck up the message in the egg experimentally, it is the chick that is penalised directly rather than the mother."


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