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Witchvox Article

Scott K

This was an interesting read to me. Having a mystical approach in my later years to my spiritual path, I'm finding all sorts of gems. One of my current nerdy infatuations is the procession of the Zodiac, which ties into some of my (soon to be) studies in the next few years as I work through some advanced stuff. Blibbidy Blabbidy, what I am saying is that I just love posts from much  more technically brainy writers than me. I'm thinking one of my readers is probably already much more familiar with this bit of text than I.

Any-who-who, enjoy.



Changing of the Guards : Our Movement From Solstice to Equinox Author: PanSpiritus Posted: March 21st. 2010 Was Imbolc the old winter solstice? I ask this question completely aware that many megaliths were fashioned to intentionally record “cross-quarter days”.

This speculation is not entirely a mystical story of connect-the-dots. Although astrology is given a bad rep as pseudo-science, it was an integral part of our time keeping system in ancient days. While Paganism seems to have gained a European flavor in many sects, ancient images that we use do connect us to religions that emerged from the Middle East.

I remember when I first discovered the concept of Greater Sabbats being celebrated “old style” it was like a light dawned on me. The four fire festivals known to the Celts: Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane, and Lughnasa, are celebrated by most modern Pagans not on the actual cross-quarter days themselves but on nearby days.

Cultural holidays, to me, are powerful because they are important to our collective consciousness. However, I discovered there was a great natural power in the exact moment of the turning of the spoke of the wheel between solstice and equinox. These points, these cross-quarter moments, are celebrated by some covens as Sabbats in the “old style”. What is interesting is these are recorded through classical astrology, as “fifteen degrees” or the halfway point in Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus, and Leo respectively.

These four “fixed” signs are often symbolized as an Eagle, a Human, a Bull, and a Lion. In many modern decks these four characters are shown on the Wheel of Fortune and World card. In Judeo-Christianity, these four characters are also “the four living creatures” that attend the throne of God in Ezekiel’s vision.

It has been explained that the zodiac is a time-keeping system, which explained the nature of weather and of what was going on in each time of the year. However, some of what is taught about the true origin of certain signs is not entirely true. It’s often said that Aquarius was designated to symbolize the spring rains that dissolve the winter. Yet, Aquarius was designated when it was at a winter point.

You may remember that old song “Age of Aquarius” by the band Fifth Dimension. What mystics and hippies of that time discovered was there are larger cycles of time than just days and years. There is, in fact, what astrologers call a “great year” divided into great months. The ancients were acutely aware that every 2160 years, the spring equinox sun would rise 30 degrees westward in a different sign making a different age or great month. This process is called the “precession of the equinoxes”. 

Well, timekeeping and astrology have evolved through many “ages” - sometimes with the masses conscious, sometimes unconscious of what was going on. There is much confusion as to what astrology is based on and how it works. Even modern astronomers seem to not catch that many modern astrologers are fully aware that our signs have changed. I would like to explain this more concisely by mapping the evolution of timekeeping in four distinct ages through which astrology has moved and is moving into.

All the details and opinion via this Witchvox Article.

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