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BuddhaNet - Daily Readings.

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I like Buddhism. I wouldn't say I am a Buddhist but there are many inspiring things that can be taken from the Buddhist Mythos and vast library of thought, practice and purpose. I'm always looking for sources of inspiration, places where I can find new information, news, poetry, writings, and things like classes and workshops, lectures, and teachers.

Slap my wrist, I completely forgot

I don't know why.

Anyway here is a bit from today's Daily Reading.

Here in the world One should train carefully in virtue, For virtue when cultivated Brings success near at hand.

The careful one should guard virtue, Desiring the three types of happiness - The praise of others, wealth, And heaven after death.

The virtuous one makes many friends Because of self-restraint, But the immoral one, practising evil, Is estranged from his friends.

The immoral one gains only ill-repute And bad reputation, The virtuous gains reputation, Fame and praise. Virtue is the foundation, the forerunner, The origin of all that is good and beautiful, And therefore one should purify one's virtue.

Virtue is the control, the restraint And the delighting of the mind, And thus the place where all Buddhas cross over. Therefore, one should purify one's virtue.

Virtue is a mighty power, Virtue is a sharp weapon, Virtue is the supreme adornment, Virtue is a wonderful armour.

Virtue is a sturdy bridge, Virtue is an unsurpassed perfume, Virtue is the best ointment, Sending fragrance in all directions.

Virtue is the foremost provision, Virtue is food for the journey, Virtue is the best vehicle For going in any direction.

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