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Turn the card...

Scott K

Sometimes The Tower isn't a catastrophic implosion of a life structure that we, you or I, feel that we are being forced to fling ourselves from in some desperate attempt at survival. I mean come on Tarot Divine, isn't that just a little bit Hollywood? writes,

The Tower is an unsettling card. Fire, lightning, falling on jagged rocks - definitely looks like trouble! Card 16 will not be welcomed by those who dislike change. It represents a sudden, dramatic upheaval or reversal in fortune. Usually change is gradual, giving us time to adapt, but sometimes it is quick and explosive. This is the action of the Tower.

In films, the hero sometimes slaps someone who is groggy or babbling. Having tried everything else, he finally resorts to a sharp sting to snap him out of it. Sudden crises are life's way of telling you to wake up. Something's wrong, and you're not responding. Are you too full of pride? Expect a blow to your ego. Are you holding back your anger? Expect the dam to burst. Are you stuck in a rut? Expect a surprise.

How you respond to the Tower's change makes all the difference in how uncomfortable the experience will be. Recognize that the disruption occurred because it was needed. Perhaps embracing the change is too much to ask, but try to find the positive in it. In fact, you may feel tremendous release that you have finally been forced in a new direction. You may have a burst of insight about your situation and reach a new level of understanding about it.

Sometimes what we are experiencing is an acknowledgement that The Tower can also be an entropic force for someone or something else. The lesson is in the viewing, reflecting on another's personality and the traits and energies that we either fought or aligned with as it breaks down. The Tower then is dissolution. Dissolution of a relationship, job, whatever. It doesn't have to explode, it doesn't have to be about you. It can wear away slowly over time and it may about someone else.

When I think back to this last drawing of a card I remember that I also, coincidentally pulled The Tower in reverse for my daily meditation. I called it "the Two Towers" with some creepy Stephen King feeling at having pulled two messages of seeming doom.

Anyway, this card (this go around) for me, is more voyeuristic, not participating in the destruction but being in the "general area".

I have to ask, do you run into their proverbial burning building to try to rescue them or do you help them take the leap, personally or professionally, that they (the person we're watching) should have taken months or even a year ago? Maybe. Maybe not. Who am I to judge. I'm just going to sit back and be the watcher.

Remember him?  Uata?

I think in cases like mine, on this Tarot Journey, the lesson is in the solution that comes out of the gradual break down. My work life is about to dramatically change, in the next week or two and I can see that it is happening. I know it, I hear about it, I'm a part of it in certain ways as I watch someone I have worked with for many years head on out.

Parts of me rattled the bars of what felt like an inevitability that I had no power to influence. Silly  me. Silly Witch. Ha. I then began to step back and observe (Priestess) what this was all about, the office politics and the conflicts. Where did I fit into the equation? Then it came to me that I really didn't. That at some point I chose a side because I saw that one person was causing harm, pain, and creating fear around him and another was a frustrated friend who wanted (and did) what was best for the project and the office. It was a noble cause.

The time has come for change...

Moving forward with "Courage", Seven of Fire. I'm feeling that the energy needed to preserver and see my way through to where I envision myself is present, even tho I appear to be in a bit of a place of introspection while things play out. I am. I am waiting out to see the outcome. Is it the end of a slow decay or does the structure crash and burn?

What happens when the old is out and the new takes root? What is the difference?

I'll keep you posted.

On a side note, I bottled the Lakshmi Waters. Not sure if I am going to change the name but I'm working on a few bits before posting them up. :)

– - – - Be well,

Scott K Smith

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