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In support of: Runeworker

Scott K

Have you checked out Runeworker? Christopher is casting and detailing his own path with Runes. If you, like me, want more detailed and day-to-day experience with the Runes, read up!


evolution of the j-rune.



Brother Christopher is a long time private student of the Runes. Most of his knowledge is self taught through personal study, experience and application. He seeks to share his information because of the minimal presence of runes on the internet, and often what is out there is often outdated or simplistic. In an effort to foster and encourage the use and application of runes by all interested people.

Today’s rune of Nauthiz is showing that there is a need to focus on how one is nourishing, sustaining and growing to yourself and others. Maybe you need to spend some time healing, or contemplation on what really feeds you and nourishes you instead of what you can just fill yourself with, whether that be food, actions, information and other things. Today is definitely an opportunity to heed the trouble and find the source of help and salvation.

Great blog, good bit of sophisticated information. Visit the Runes and Christopher's experience via Runeworker on your next go around on the web.


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