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Article: Samir Selmanovic: Religion Needs Atheism

Scott K

This was a really interesting read this morning, in addition to a few things I posted to the Lifencompass Facebook profile. Things like this get the n0gin tickin.

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ARTICLE: Samir Selmanovic: Religion Needs Atheism

The 2009 quintennial session of Parliament of the World's Religions in Melbourne, Australia represented 220 religions and featured 675 programs, 37 movie screenings, and 84 off-site events. For all this colorful diversity, the parliament did not have a meaningful presence of atheists in its program, neither as another religion (in the sense of a "system of meaning") nor as conversation partners. This coming weekend, the atheists of the world are having their own 2010 Global Atheist Convention entitled The Rise of Atheism in the very same convention center in Melbourne, and with a correspondingly apparent absence of anything religious. It is true that religious people and atheists are not historic partners or easy conversationalists and that they both need their identity-building convocations. Yet, this segregation is happening at the time when learning to live interdependently on our fragile planet has moved from being merely a virtue of neighborly love to a matter of survival. Interdependence is no longer a choice to consider; it is a necessity.

Then Later, this little bit of Judaism got the hamster's in a frenzy. I can still hear the wheels spinning...

Rabbi Or Rose tells me that rabbis of old have long taught that the highest form of human discourse is Makhloket, or disagreement. First we recognize our own limits, and then we proceed to clarify our positions as best we can. When we sustain the tension between us, each pulling our own way, we create emptiness between us. In this emptiness, Rabbis say, God creates. As it was in the beginning, so it is today. In the presence of one another, in the moment when our positions of clarity are matched with humility, the possibility of a truly new idea emerges, a solution, a way forward. Creation continues, and we all gain.

Finish the article via Samir Selmanovic: Religion Needs Atheism.


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