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My weekly from Pamela Eakins

Scott K

Occasionally I get these little readings from Pamela Eakins. They always seem to pop into my mailbox at the right time. I like that.

I requested these messages back when I made my intention to step up to the plate with my passion, creativity, and purpose. Again, in light of last nights blog and recent events.



Dear Heart,

Here is your free reading with Tarot of the Spirit for today.  The question is:

What can you do to prepare yourself to receive your Heart’s Desire? The answer is Temperance:

Temperance is a complex card with many levels of knowing.  In the beginning, Temperance says, you must practice balance.  Know that you have one foot in the light and one foot in the dark.  The tension of opposites, represented by light and dark, creates the energy that will eventually propel you into your Heart’s Desire.  This is ironic in the sense that you are not so much going to receive your Heart’s Desire, ultimately, as you are going to be catapulted into your Heart’s Desire.  You will come alive and fly into your Heart’s Desire even as an arrow comes alive and flies from a bow.  The bow itself has the heart at one end and the head at the other.  Too much analysis does not fire the bow and too much rapture does not fire it either.  Consciousness and Love need to be in exact balance with one another so the arrow—which is YOU—can fly straight into the heart of the Cosmic Embrace.  Here is a strange clue:  This path actually begins when you find yourself in what feels like a Dark Night of the Soul.  As you move through this energy, you travel through levels and layers that can feel something like “The Desert Way.”  The Desert Way is the feeling of wandering in the desert with no sense of direction.  One can wander for “40 days and 40 nights” before receiving a sign.  Suddenly, awareness heightens, a sign is received, and the fire within you begins to burn.  The irony is that the greatest cataclysms in life—the ones that launch us into the “desert on a horse with no name”—are the ones that wind up propelling us, at last, into the full embrace of The Beloved.

Here is something you can do:  Be REAL about who you are.  Present yourself in a genuine and authentic manner.  Do not try to aspire to be like anyone else.  Only you can be you (which includes your light and your dark).  Your Heart’s Desire wants to embrace YOU, so you need to show up in places where YOU can be seen and found.  Your BACKSTORY is EVERYTHING.  Show it.  Tell it.  Live it.  Realize exactly how your “dark nights” have deepened you.  Your stumbling makes you even more beautiful in the eyes of the Cosmos.  Be Real and you will come to know all the ways in which You are Beloved.

Soon the tension of opposing forces in your life will catapult you into the Cosmic Embrace.  Accept the tension of the opposing forces.  Embrace it.  You won’t fly far until the bowstring reaches its highest level of tension.  Can you see how the tension will become your power?  Stay in the center of the flow and let it build.  Trust your experience.  Soon you will fly into the Cosmic Embrace.  Abandon fear of the tension.  Abandon fear of the flight.

I hope this helps today.

Sending my Love and Support to you,