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Jane Pauley, Your Life Calling, NBC's "Today" show - AARP

Scott K

Good morning... or afternoon, or maybe even evening. I know you are just on your toes waiting for me to post something. Ha. Ha. Ha. I spent the rest of last night giving myself Reiki, to get a little clarity and find center and peace. Self treatments are just, essential. I have heard of a few practitioners over the years who forget the basics for the self. Self practice. Taking 30 minutes to 1 hour a day, I choose bed time, doing a self-treatment really does wonders.

Anyway. I woke up thinking about my blog last night, which is really the theme of the last  year and the purpose of the Tarot Journey. Making a life change, transiting into a more passion driven livelihood. "Coincidentally" the first thing to pop up on the television this morning was Jane Pauley, Your Life Calling, NBC's "Today" show.


Today on Prime Time Radio, host Mike Cuthbert interviews veteran journalist Jane Pauley about "Your Life Calling," her new, AARP-produced series that will appear on NBC's "Today" show and at

"Your Life Calling" features people who are redefining the way they live and work, by learning new things, taking risks, exploring dreams and yearning for more passion and meaning in their lives.

Jane Pauley has spent many years covering the topic of life transitions, going back to her time on "Dateline NBC" and "The Jane Pauley Show." With this AARP series Pauley will highlight the unique stories of people throughout America who have reinvented themselves to find personal and career fulfillment on their own terms. Pauley's reports are about people who've heard their "life calling" and responded by taking a bold first step into the unknown.

Like Pauley herself, most of the people she meets belong to the Baby Boomer generation. "Our country has an untapped resource, and that's us," said Pauley. "The good news is that through the process of reinvention we get purpose, fulfillment and satisfaction. Those benefits are different than the paycheck, or job promotion, or all the other things that used to add up to success.”

via Jane Pauley, Your Life Calling, NBC's "Today" show - AARP.