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Article: Grow your own drugs: a medicine cabinet in your garden - Times Online

Scott K

Thank you to my friend Kim for dropping this one onto my facebook page! Yes, plants ARE medicine. As I consider all of the beneficial effects of a natural foods diet, and often prefer alternative medicine / treatments to colds, sickness, pain, and healing, I am reminded that it is getting back to what nature provides that can be the key to greater health and faster recovery.

In the article you will see a reference to "chicken soup" and I have to say that it is similar to my own cold recipe -minus the echinacea root, and goji berries. Things to consider.

Overall the thing that has been a sticky on the paper tablet of things to do is buy and eat locally. I understand that there are exceptions to the rule, as goji berries are not coming out of the central valley of California (or is someone producing them there too???), but if I can I will. I also have to thank Carla Golden, One Healthy Girl, for really being the spur in that idea. Carla, your words turned a light on in the mind and we're going to move in that direction one step at a time.

That's the point of healing isn't it? Thinking of the bigger organism not just the perspective of cut it out or take a pill. IF we think about our food, what's in it, where it comes from, and how to alter that, we have taken our first step. Next if we think about how that effects us, physically, that then effects us mentally and emotionally because the body is one organism, we've taken the next step. After that comes the realization that our health, our actions, and what we do and think is creating our experience, and so helping to create the experience of everyone around us, we are again taking a step towards conscious living. What we do does indeed effect all things.

We're all connected, nature is the example of that connectivity, and we are natural beings.

And now, the article...

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Grow your own drugs: a medicine cabinet in your garden

Botanist James Wong raids the flowerbeds for cures to everyday ailments from coughs to eczema

(Excerpt from

“Its cultural. In Malaysia, where I spent a lot of my childhood, Western medicine came along and was considered useful, but as an adjunct to traditional medicine that never went away. In Northern Europe the Industrial Revolution meant that people were ripped out of the countryside, where they had this rich ethnobotanical knowledge, and popped into cities. Within a couple of generations all that knowledge is lost. Theres very little methodology to pass on.”Wong is 27 and an ethnobotanist - a scientist who studies the use of plants. It was at his grandmothers home in Malaysia that he absorbed the idea that plants arent just pretty, but that many of them can be functional. “Wed walk around my grandmothers back garden and shed rip off a leaf of a palm tree and a couple of minutes of origami later shed have a perfectly usable hat that would last for quite a long time,” he says.“The plant next to it was one they used to stitch injuries together during the Second World War. Not only was it fibrous but it had antiseptic qualities. It was magical to me as a kid that you could do so much with the things most people walk past. People have this idea that you have to hike to the depths of the Amazon to find the source of plant-based medicines, and that once you have got them you need a fully equipped pharmaceutical laboratory full of people in white coats preparing this stuff in really elaborate processes.

via Grow your own drugs: a medicine cabinet in your garden - Times Online.


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