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Article: Roger Ebert Cancer Battle - Roger Ebert Interview - Esquire

Scott K

I need to thank my friend Birgit for suggesting this article on facebook to us, her friends. First I classified this entry as a Wednesday Art Entry, primarily because the art of continued living that Roger Ebert is demonstrating now is a testament to the spirit of life and our will to continue on regardless of our circumstances. The word "Legacy" also comes to mind. As the article closes there is a recognition of the truly finite nature of our bodies, our life here and now -or at least in this vehicle- and through the written acceptance of his current travel through life and it's eventual end is something that I find really interesting.

Long time readers will know I have a thing with Time, Death, and Transformation.

I didn't quote much from the article except a favored bit from about 3 or 4 pages in. Yes the esquire article extends beyond a few blips and beeps of a tweet or a post on facebook, regardless I think you will probably find this a good read.

I can't say that I was every plugged into his show or his blog. In the last 5 years Roger has gone through surgery, chemotherapy, more surgery, a break, and more than I can imagine having to experience. In short, I didn't know. I am just a new fan of his journey... Our Journey, the one we are all one.

This is work. This is writing. "Thumbs up" Ebert. Your tenacious living spirit is apparent in your continuing work.

Scott K Smith

Article: Roger Ebert: The Essential Man

It has been nearly four years since Roger Ebert lost his lower jaw and his ability to speak. Now television's most famous movie critic is rarely seen and never heard, but his words have never stopped.

"When I am writing my problems become invisible and I am the same person I always was. All is well. I am as I should be."

via Roger Ebert Cancer Battle - Roger Ebert Interview - Esquire.



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