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Johnny 2.0 in association w Clive Barker Presents "Crucio" Feb 26 & 27.

Scott K

crucio_back02 "CRUCIO"

The Latin dictionary defines this word “Crucio” in English with its meaning “to torture.” In this production from Johnny 2.0, one man must battle his faith and sexuality when confronted face to face. Only through his writings is he able to understand the complexity of his own true nature. The shadows he encounters presents more than just darkness, but truth for this man, a mirror image of what he once was and who he truly is. Only then will his thoughts reveal the perversion, decadence, lust and anger encoded in the cycle of life.

Crucio is the first movement based feature Johnny 2.0 has written and directed. It is story that confronts sex, violence, love and religion. Seeking additional creative support from his mentor, Clive Barker he has been able to finally tell this dramatic and personal story focused on the battles we all encounter at one point or another in our lives. Brent Stevens, the “physical man” joins Johnny 2.0, the “shadow” in this dark portrayal of what extent one man will go to in order to understand himself.

Clive Barker on Johnny 2.0:

Naked, the man called Johnny 2.0, has all he needs to tell his stories. They are radically different from those stories told by mainstream theatre or cinema, as is the manner in which he tells them. But he has earned the right to his originality. He asks for nothing, except a space in which to perform. His body will do the rest. He has created a language of performance that has no need of scenery or costume, masks, curtains or effects. The body is everything. Even the word is not to be trusted. Yes, sometimes he’ll let out a primal cry: but there’s nothing in the sound that resembles sense. Birth is painful, of course, which perhaps explains the anguish that informs these early works. Johnny 2.0 is still young; barely twenty-seven. But whatever changes occur in the work as he gets older my guess is he’ll stay naked, if that keeps him free.



Written and Directed by :Johnny 2.0

in association with Clive Barker

Starring: Johnny 2.0

Guest Starring: Brent Stevens

Original Score Composed by: Mark Zavon

Additional Music by: eDIT, Panty Raid, & Elliot Goldenthal

Video and Photography: Grzegore Gill & Clive Barker

Graphic Design: Frank Orozco.


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