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Turn the Card: King of Swords

Scott K

Meditating on the Tarot, as part of the journey, and thinking about the vibration, and meaning of Father Wind. The King of Swords. A flash of insight, then the organization streak activates. It feels like I've been clear and still for some time then BOOM the ideas start pouring into my head. That holding pattern had a purpose, a creative one.

I have two updates in the creative area of the blog.

First the Art Show (previously mentioned). After some thinking and a few meetings I've decided to pass on an upcoming March show, for many reasons, but mostly because I haven't produced enough new material to really cal l it a body of work. I also wanted to the lobby of the El Dorado but the ad-hoc gallery person was sort of "poo poo" about the idea. That would mean it would be at the Rowan. Lastly the show grew out of proportion. The original idea was part of a gift, that I am still maintaining, but was becoming another Art Walk event with thousands of people and all the usual happenings.

I love the Art Walk, I go off-and-on hoping to be dazzled and wowed, but I wanted to do something on a smaller more intimate scale. That said there are three really great artists, all friends, who are more than happy with the buzz and excitement of the Art Walk: Jenny & Phillip Aja, and Sonali. I'll be on hand before, and during the five days of showing to help in whatever way I can. A photographer, a painter, a sculpture all under the creative direction of a creative by the name of Chadwick. This is the gift.

So the details are loose at this point. We know who is in and that they will be displaying. I'm waiting for more information and as soon as I have it, you will.

The second creative blast was my work which came to a standstill on the "Happy Ones". We have one which Brandon calls "Reiki Hands" and the first and original which I called "Lights". I came to a halt at that point. *blink. blink*

Today I was writing my friend Nancy and then it hit me! It's sort of Top Secret at this point but hopefully we'll have something for you by 2/10/10 on the website, Not-Two.


Until then, stay tuned. Live it up. Be well. Be loved. Be loving, and all that good stuff.

– - – - Scott K Smith

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