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Article @ Twilight Earth: "Churches Filling Pews by -Gasp!- Preaching Environmentalism!"

Scott K

Older, mainline churches approach to environmental issues are attracting younger Americans. In a Declaration on the Environment entitled “We are still betraying the Mandate God has given us” , Pope John Paul II points out, in part, “We are also concerned about the negative consequences for humanity and for all creation resulting from the degradation of some of the basic natural resources such as water, air and land, brought about by an economic and technological progress which does not recognize and take into account its limits.”

Pope Benedict XVI continues the theme by saying:

“All of creation represents an enormous gift from God to humanity, so people have a responsibility to protect this treasure and dedicate themselves against an indiscriminate use of the earth’s resources,”

Full article at Twilight Earth: Churches Filling Pews by -Gasp!- Preaching Environmentalism!.

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