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Turn the card: Sister of Water

Scott K

Trusting the emotional and intuitive intelligence. So I had some thoughts about the recent events, about everything that has happened in my life. Weighed against the information I received and then verified... yes as it turns out I was spot on with the people who lived here before -thank you very much- I've had to re-asses the type of entity that was in our home.

*Digressing for a moment.*

Warned early on in life that drug use was a fast path to opening the mystical door. Taught that one could traditionally, through Peote for example, walk the spirits road to healing, through initiation. IF it was only used in sacred ceremonies, under certain conditions, because the negative consequences with recreational use could be dire. Well I feel that same teaching applies to drugs such as amphetamines as well. I think that because the use of Sacred Cocoa and it's accelerating powers used in by the indigenous people who harvested it and used it in sacred ways produced intense spirit journey's in those who were assisted through their journey.

In short, if one were like the people who lived here before, abusing Meth and playing with their lives and emotional well-being, they brought themselves into a dark place indeed. Physically we can see the effects of meth addiction, but what are the energetic, "spiritual" consequences.

I began a series of conversations with several people and I've come to the conclusion that this was not in fact a "spirit" in the once was a living person, but instead this being is a terrible thought form created out of abuse: Drug abuse, domestic abuse, physical and emotional abuse. THAT is why my ghost work was not effective. In short, it isn't a ghost, it's an entity created from pain, and darkness, empowered by the people who walked a path of self-destruction.


This brings me to a second line of approach.

First I'd like to thank several people who have made comments and posted to the Journey or Lifencompass's facebook page for all of their insight and experience to the latest leg of my journey. Your words are invaluable and I contemplated all of your voices to the experience. You helped me and I appreciate it. :)

In an earlier entry I spoke about the Four of Water, and I believe it was Hermetic Bear who spelled out the meaning quit correctly that this was a holding pattern. A.M. I think you called it emotional stability, and both were true. Holding and stabilizing. Correcting the understanding of why I am in a holding pattern. The day that this event took place, I had done some work to help move the energy forward as it had become clear what my next step to take.

In my mind I see the ritual taking place and in a sense I think that the energy of the previous residents, "the entity", had still kept an attachment to the unit. The key to understanding that part of the puzzle lay in a few clues: (1) the previous resident had come to the loft and left a note on the door, and (2) it was their energy that I was attempting to clean up and remove. If they, and their energy, didn't want to leave -and all the information that I have indicates that they were in a sense forced to leave- then pushing it out and setting up a new energy could have both been considered threatening. When people feel attacked, fear people, they tend to run or strike back.

Then I had a conversation today with  a friend who had some inside information from his own energy in dealing with these sorts of things. An affirmation of what I was beginning to suspect spilled out of him and I knew, then, that the avenue I had headed down in my search was in fact the right path to a solution.

I turned the card in the Tarot Journey, and I pulled "Sister Water" and felt, and read, and explored her/my intuitive and emotional intelligence. It is a bit like trusting the current of the water, feeling the knowing versus thinking.

To skip over to another quadrant in the big thought process I also think that Shadow has a lot to do with this. I feel to the bone that these types of being socket into your fear and shadow selves. They use them like hand to glove if given the opportunity and can affect the most damage that way. Insecurity. Doubt. Hate. Self-loathing. Violent tendencies are the vehicles these types of entities take to manifest in ways that can strike at you in the most effective way.

This shadow form doesn't resonate with our lives personally or shared, so I had to discuss the question first, did I or we attract the entity, formerly known as ghost?

I do not feel that this is the case. With the exception of the former worker at the furniture manufacturing shop on our previous floor, we've really not been drawing this sort of activity; And that guy was just a lost spirit who we had to help along. Completely different scenario.

I suddenly feel like I need an education in this sort of profession.

Anyway, here I sit, ready and conscious that I'm working on a different level with this encounter. In a sense I am armed but I haven't felt anything since I brought up the big flaming protection sign and banishing. There is the taste of an ether, a film that remains but no movement on the unseen level. I'm going through with two flames -Hecate- and moving to heal and cast light on this level but I'm feeling that the event has passed.

Hopefully for good.

Sister of Water offers her experience in listening to the feeling, knowing the invisible path, trusting the inner bell. It rains, it thunders, it pours and the moment is suddenly so appropriate.  Cleansing the current of energy, releasing the ties that bind, flooding in with a new wash of energy, thundering our charge of intent. Happiness. Love. Health. Prosperity. Healing. Comfort. Giving. This is home. This is home.

This is our home.

-- - - - Be well,

Scott K Smith

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