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Carnival of Healing #221: Less is More

Scott K

Carnival of Healing is up! Thank you again Phylameana!



January 2010 - Carnival of Healing #221

Since we are embarking on the new calendar year several of the carnival submissions that came my way were focused on inner reflections, diet improvements, new goals and fresh starts. Among these were thoughtful blogs about slimming therapies, brain foods, clearing away and making way for the new year, supporting your spouse's interests, and figuring out your life purpose.

Also worth mentioning are an assortment of seasonal posts focusing on winter-related health issues: depression, healing old wounds, heart health concerns, and boosting your immune functions.

Below are the "stand out" carnival attractions that I have personally chosen for your reading pleasure for this carnival edition. I hope you enjoy them.

I truly enjoyed Bryant Moore's blog post Spirit of Expectation, which was inspired by a sermon she heard on the air waves. I like the analogy that a baby's cry is a prayer to God/Mom(parent). The post is about having faith and learning patience.

Dan Stelter blogs an in-depth article entitled Essentials for Human Happiness that helps people to understand what things make people happy. From The Anxiety Support Network.

Rheanni Lightwater blogs about current astrological influences that will effect pitta dosha personalities in her post Exploring Pitta Energy. She offers five steps to balance your pitta energy. Pitta is one of the three doshas in ayurveda medicine.

via Carnival of Healing #221: Less is More.


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