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Recovered Entry: Notable... Winter Solstice.

Scott K

Notes. Not necessarily a blog but I like to keep things transparent as best I can. This would be what is tumbling around in my head and where it came from.* *Listening to Lady Gaga. Yes I folded and fell in love with her music. Generally I'm not into pop but the electronic edge tickles me.*Posts by friends that stand out in that technicolor way. Meaning, I should listen.*

Christopher Penczak wrote on FB today: "It never ceases to amaze me that the Sun does have a different quality of light after the Winter Solstice. Blessed be the Light has come"

I sat with that today. I woke around 4:30 am and I couldn't sleep. Typical me. After some Reiki I decided to meditate on "the Light". Hands felt aflame. Tiny vortexes spinning the light of the sun out into the world.

Path of healer. Awaken.

Then I remember friend-Kaynek's post on Solstice. GORGEOUS.

"Welcome back, Light of the World! May you shine in places dark and fearful. May your light cause new growth in the hearts of all people. We're in serious need of compassion, wisdom and strength to help us thru these troubled times. Let your rebirth open the eyes of those who need to know, who want to understand, that so long as there's a single flicker to be seen there is always hope.

Teach those that are ready, guide those that need to find their path and give clarity to those just starting.

May your fire inspire us to reach out and help one another in new and delightfully surprising ways. With the new light comes new creativity. Let ingenuity win out over apathy. Let kindness win over cynicism. Let people understand that peace doesn't equal weakness or submission. That strength doesn't mean brutality or death.

Cast a glow and protect those who are in harm's way all over Mother Earth, even Mother Herself. There are brothers and sisters who need your help as they battle thru dark days and even blacker nights. Give them warmth. Give them courage. Bless them with hope.

Welcome back, Son of the World! May we become better for having been touched by your light."

It's a windy day in LA today. Blue skies witha  chill in the air and I'm loving the feel.

Friend Christopher (another) wrote in a Solstice blog:

"Today is the Winter Solstice. Tonight is the longest night of the year. Tomorrow the night will be shorter. A little more light will come back into the Northern Hemisphere. But tonight is long, and dark and cold. But the light has come back. It will grow stronger and more brilliant, and warmer. So tonight I will leave small lights lit throughout the night, flowing through a rainbow of colors, filled with the possibility of the future, and my plans for the future. What dreams may manifest, as I keep moving forward through the long, dark night.

Then, "This Solstice doesn't seem as big and huge as last year, or the year before. This one seems more quiet to me. It is more quiet, private and concentrated. I don't know how to explain it really, but those are the buzz words that come to mind."

I really felt that.

Thank you to all my friends, writers and readers. I appreciate the connection.

"The noblest thing a human being can experience is acceptance of the Mystery." ~ Paulo Coelho / Brida

Scott K Smith


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