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Recovered Entry: Winter Solstice: Honor and affirmations.

Scott K

The Winter Solstice has arrived and may already be over by the time I get this post out. :) snakes_apples

I kept a solitaire circle and meditated on gratitude for the earth, life, the sun and all things that its light provides.

I penned out a few affirmations and read my daily's at the altar, before lighting my candles and allowing them to burn out. I'll buy new candles tomorrow.

It was a pretty uneventful day for me. Low key. I liked that. There were so many holiday parties, and a few up-and-down's associated with them that I was kind of burnt out this morning.

There was a moment where I had to step back, walk away and take a deep breath, before returning to the day-to-day. After the weekend I really had to remind myself that sometimes people don't really pay attention to how the act or what their actions and words are really creating. I don't think a hefty eggnog helps either, but regardless it was a long weekend with a little work thrown in between.

Solstices for me are more for honoring and tuning. I think we can take the time to align our goals during the equinox's and solstices but first (for me) is being in-tune with the natural rhythm. Giving thanks, showing gratitude for the elements that the celestial points represent and then closing the circle with that inner sense attuned to the earth and the movements of the natural world.

Winter solstice is the darkest night... well technically the longest night, but it is also a celebration. It is the sun's rebirth. You can read about it everywhere, I don't need to lecture. For me, today, I felt that the solstice was representative of the long dark of not knowing which direction I felt I should be going forward in my life with healing and creating; and seeing the light of that dawn in my mind with the purpose, direction that I was seeking.

That I can change.  How I can change. How I will manifest this dream back into this world.

These last 8-10 years have been pretty interesting, for all of us. I think that even if we are deftly maintaining the power to see our self and our world, events can and do still shape us through war, sudden tragedy or love, economic turns and even politics sway the bigger currents around the streams of energy we are putting out into life.

My solstice wish is for everyone is to see our greater, deeper, essential beings and to honor that in our interactions with one another. The world is only going to become more interesting, we can keep it sane by seeking the warmth of one another. We are our solutions. They are in our essential self, in the deep valleys of our being. There they lay waiting for the traveler to get down in there and find them.

Happy Solstice!

Scott K Smith

"My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together." ~Desmond Tutu


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