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Ok so I did just watch Julie & Julia. Aside from the fact that I LOVE Meryl Streep, I was periodically inspired by  some of the messages that were coming out of the film for me. What hit me, specifically, was the duality of Julia, and Julie, and the itch to be more than what they were. Julie, working in lower Manhattan, living in Queens, deciding to challenge herself and blog every day her journey through the recipe's of Julia Child's book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Meanwhile the story is paralleled by Julia Child in Paris and her longing for something to do with her life. The challenge of being unconventional and finding her love of eating and fine food can become a passion for cooking.

The story caught me in a web of my own design. I'm journaling here at the Journey, using the Tarot and recording life experiences, to find the path into creating a center and larger, local, client base.

When I began I shuffled my cards and I willed the way to be known to me for that success to begin and the means to make it happen.

My first intention meditation with the cards began my Tarot Journey and almost immediately things clicked into place. First I was offered help with licensing the center and help with finding a site. Next I was given the names of a few people who would be interested in investing and lastly came a client, who was enthusiastic about making the dream a reality. Bibbidy-bobbidy-boo I was on my way into sketching out the details and only a few projects to finish up before I really begin to delve into it.

ANYWAY, Julie & Julia...  So the movie was a bit of an intuitive ping for me. The Universal card is about the blank page, the unlimited creative potential of all things. The card reminds me of a pen, dipping down into reality and touching, causing ripples, making.

I ask myself what it is that I will bring forward. I'm thinking that this center, once the timing is right, will be a place of art, healing and mystical learning. Things of beauty. A place for healing and teaching.

I'm off to one of a few holiday parties this weekend. Needed a moment to meditate and write.

Happy Holidays.