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Closed / No entries: Tarot of the Spirit Deck.

Scott K

Hello muffins! Short story for you. I have been on the mailing list for a weekly reading, by Pamela Eakins for few months. She is the co-creator of the Tarot of the Spirit. Great readings by the way.

At some point last month I received an email that gave me a coupon code worth a discount on the companion book -much more than a standard Tarot book- containing meditations, definitions, and insights. I had given my original companion book away years ago, to someone who was really into the deck but couldn't afford the book. Generally I don't read "definitions" of the Tarot, instead I rely on the color, imagery and vibe of the card to key open the intuition and access the message. BUT I definitely missed the book, and having it my  hands again, I know why. It is really a great resource.

ANYWAY, long story short, I received the deck this week by mistake!

I wrote to Pamela to return the deck but she offered that I keep it. Being that I have the deck already I'd like to give it to one of you, my readers, here at

I have ONE deck that I will pass onto ONE reader. I'd like for these cards to go to one who would like to add these beautifully painted cards to the repertoire of intuitive keys. :)

Here are the details:

All you need to do to enter is choose a card from the Major Arcana and post the reason you chose this card. Art work, deck choice, experience or any other reason that you identify with the card. Any civil answer is acceptable. You do not need to give me your contact information, sign up for a list to enter, or any of that bizz yet...

You need to post your answer AT under THIS particular posting. Not on Facebook or Twitter, or any other RSS feed site / site.

Come to and post your card and answer here under the post: Enter to win: Tarot of the Spirit Deck.

This is a give away, the winner will be chosen at random. I will take all the names and shuffle them around, put them into a bag and pull out a name. Once I have a name I will contact you to send you the deck!

CONTEST CLOSES on Sunday, December 6th, 2009 @ 12:00 am, Pacific Standard Time.

If you win I will contact you. After contacting you, you will have 5-days to respond. After 5 days I will choose a new winner from the bag of names. Please note if you do not include contact information via your posting profile at wordpress. I will not be able to contact you unless you respond to the follow-up post announcing the winner.

I will not publish any personal information about the winner, but I reserve the right to publish a name and the state where you live. (True first name, preferred name, or "online" name, whatever you prefer). No cities, address, etc. For example, R. Smiley of St. Louise. I will also include your answer / post about the card you chose.

If you don't have a Tarot Deck and would still like to take part you can find a listing of the  Major Arcana on Wikipedia:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"The Major Arcana (Trumps MajorMajor Trumps) of occult or divinatory tarot consists of twenty two cards. The name Major Arcana was first used by Paul Christian[1] Each Major Arcanum depicts a scene, mostly featuring a person or several people, with many symbolic elements. In many decks, each has a number (usually in Roman numerals) and a name, though not all decks have both, and some have only a picture. The earliest decks bore unnamed and unnumbered pictures on the Majors (probably because a great many of the people using them at the time were illiterate), and the order of cards was not standardized."


About The Tarot of the Spirit

"A masterful tarot deck with colorful images that stimulate the mind to a higher level of consciousness."

The Book of Western Wisdom & Symbolic Tarot

The Tarot of the Spirit, is the highly acclaimed work of Pamela Eakins, Ph.D., and Joyce Eakins, M.F.A., the daughter and mother team heralding from the ancient lineage of Qabalistic Freemasons.  As university educators, Pamela and Joyce have taught sociology, psychology, symbolic consciousness, comparative religion, art history, studio art, creativity, and cosmology.  As  life-long students of Western Mysticism, the two have combined their insights and talents to bring forth Tarot of the Spirit, compendium of the psycho-active symbolism that liberates consciousness.  Join Joyce and Pamela in the Heart of the Mysteries, wherein Beauty, Truth, Justice, Faith, Integrity, Courage, and Love shall forever preside, and eternally illuminate.

Tarot of the Spirit: A Tool for Conversing with the Universe of the Soul

(More about Pamela and Joyce, and the Tarot of the Spirit at this Link:


Good luck, and thank you for reading!

Scott K Smith