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Selections from my weekly readings, from Pamela Eakins, Ph.D.

Scott K

The Tarot of the Spirit is my all time favorite decks, the bonus is that the literature that accompanies the Tarot is as full of wisdom as the deck has the ability to unlock within us. I really have benefited from these Tarot images, and the lessons form the Tarot of The spirit... even if I originally left the book reading until the meditation / journey was complete. These are selected excerpts from my weekly reading that I thought you might gain from.

Here are a few snippets from my reading.

"So, our question is:  What structures, systems, practices will better accommodate the Heart’s Desire?  Based on the first card, the answer is more of a practice:  to stay Alive, Awake, and Balanced—moment by moment—knowing, absolutely, without a doubt, you are guided (you are not alone) especially when the sea (the world within and around you) is turbulent."

"What you put into the world will return to you and yet it will be in a transformed state.  That is because we cannot control all the variables in the world.  What you put forth is an intention and a practice.  For example, if you want Love to come to you, become a walking Lover of the World and Love will flow back to you, perhaps not exactly in the state you imagined, but nonetheless Love will come.  If you want Art, immerse in Art daily, and Art will come alive within and all around you.  If you want money, focus on creating just that.  If you engage in your Heart’s Desire, your Heart’s Desire will come alive.  The challenge is to Open your Eyes wider to see that the Miracle is Occurring or that the Miracle has Occurred—because it may not always come in a shape or form we recognize in the first instant."

Temperance calls you to come alive in the Now, about making continual minute adjustments to keep your balance intact.  In a sense you will always have one foot in the light and one foot in the dark.  This is what life, itself, for humans, on this planet is all about.  It is about learning how to walk and then walking in directions that are worthwhile.  No one can tell you what is worthwhile for you.  Only you know that because you are totally unique.  You are unique and wonderful and you are meant to be here—Right Here, Right Now.  You belong here, in this moment.  This is the perfect place to be and to begin.

Thus, when it comes to the question of what structure, system, or pattern to put in place, set your intention on your own direction, trust your guidance, LIVE your PATH, and make small adjustments in every single moment to retain your balance.  Thus will you create the “room” in which your Heart’s Desire can thrive.

Wishing you Extreme Gratitude this week."

If you are interested in the Tarot of the Spirit, Pamela Eakins or her upcoming classes in Half Moon Bay, or alternatively online, please visit her site:

Be well,

Scott K Smith