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Recovered Entry: Mandalas :: City Lights :: Kannon

Scott K

Hi there. I'm kicking back with some R. Carlos Nakkai and looking for inspiration in color and shape for "The Happy Ones." The initial images are pumping out their little bits of light. Seeing how this is all an exploration I'm open to where my intuition leads me... Here are a few of the shapes, images, colors and ideas I've been browsing today.

It's a pretty fluffy post but *shrugs* Im' feeling pretty visual today and I'm adding images to my mental pallet for later.


English: Photo of a Chenrezig Sand Mandala cre...


Tibetan Sand Mandala's have always drawn me in. Most things Tibetan do.

I also found a little site on my search that shows the extensive construction of the Sand Mandala here at Ackland Online. Created and destroyed, they do not remain. The material life is transitory.

Jumping tracks...

Have you Googled the term "Blurred City Lights"? I felt like I was seeing this image or video in my head of a girl, dark short hair, riding in a car at night. The lights behind her are blurring out . Was that... Lost in Translation? I don't know but the film comes to mind. Great stuff.



Kannon / Quan Yin keeps popping up for me too.



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