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Contemplating The Hanged Man: Up-side-down, round and round.

Scott K

Hi. Hey there. Hello. Try as I might I couldn't get a moment to sit down and write yesterday. The day was pretty busy, if you caught my twittering, you know I was at city hall listening in on some decision-making about a project in downtown. Big fun, I KNOW! I know that I needed the time to meditate on the Tarot Journey, but I've been in more of an observation versus doing mode so meditation really hasn't helped much. That sort of be still, regulate and deepen breath, count down through-alpha-into-beta-space, where I can play with my own mythic imagery has eluded me and you can tell by the contents of my journal. BLANK.

Then I pulled Wodin... The Hanged Man. The sacrificial deity, or more commonly for me, "giving up the run-about for some necessary contemplation."

Hmm go figure. (Talking to myself here). "Alright mind, so why are we so anti-meditative?"

*brain storming*

Hanged man. Sacrifice. Letting go and looking / listening. See the world from another perspective. Standing on my head. I am not upside down, the world is? The world is not upside down, I am?

Back in 1993 or 4 I was meditating on the Hanged Man. I remember this clearly now. I think I had been stuck on him for several days, that and contemplating Tiphareth. Forgive my geek-talk but I know they are maybe not traditionally connected but the symbolism of the heart, the sun and the aura / glow around his head had me drawing lines in the sand.

Walking along the street with friend Kat and Todd, it struck me and I energetically flipped... That is I was simultaneously there, in my body but also up and over my head. Two of me, crowns touching, aware of both, not separate.

Spirit and flesh.


A dream. I remember a dream back around that time. In it I am in a dark city. Bad things are happening all around me and I am running, hiding, running again. Pursued by men in uniforms (meow!) I arrive at an intersection, and an older gentleman over the side of the fence says to me, "How long are you going to do this?"

I stare at him bewildered and then the feeling strikes me. "Two worlds" and I am only in one. There is this flash of sensation and light in my heart. The imagery of the dream, the world there flickers like a film reel that has caught and stuttered. There is this brightness and then I am no longer in that place, pursued. I am in the world of light.

The hanged man. The light around his head. The world flips upside down. What does he see? How does it look with the ground where the sky had been and everything moving in the heavens instead of down below his feet.

Speaking of that, the little bit of leather, worn and tied to his foot, suspending the hanged man to the tree which still grows, what is below him now that his foot faces the stars? Is that a path? Is he grounded in a spiritual sky and channeling the earth and all things in it?

And if he is channeling, what is coming through? What does, or will it say? Will it be like the Runes, the Furthark, cast on stone, made of blood, eye missing; Raven laughing? Will it form letters, numbers or words?

How has it become such a wonder to find myself in the place of the sacrificed? Am I grain? Wheat? What is reaped?

Suddenly I feel pretty meditative.  :)

I'm going to set myself a task, to have none (things to do) for a few days and "hang out".

Meanwhile, my DJ is spinning "up side down".


Scott K Smith Lifencompass