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Easy Monday :: looking for inspiration.

Scott K

Frosti: The Happy One / 24x36, acrylic on canvass, paper machete. Sold, E. Serrano. Old post. Sold this piece in 2012. :)

Wow what a holiday! We really had a great time on Halloween and partied it up with friends. B and me said goodbye to Andy, a friend who has stayed with us the past week and then "laid low" on the Day of the Dead. Brunch at Panini Cafe, some smart shopping at the market and a particularly scary movie called quarantine. Ending the night with spaghetti marinara.

Monday is my day of rest. Meditation, cooking, cleaning, games, painting, and reading. Doing the things that keep me level through the rest of the week.

I started three little paintings. An exploration of hidden color and blurred light, that I'm calling The Happy Ones. Finding the right technique to simultaneously take advantage of the texture of the paper mache and canvass, while playing with color -I'm trying to create this "through the snow" sort of feel- is a learning process. I painted over A Hidden Place, and now I'm attempting to bring it back out through softening. Indicate and not revealing. Suggest instead of tell all.

I need some inspiration.

Back to some R&R.

Be well,



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