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Turning the card: Three of Earth.

Scott K

three_pentacles"Works" Saturday at the office I realized that I had left that morning, uncommonly groggy without putting hands to the deck and turning the card on for the Tarot Journey. I called home and caught B before he had left to shop for Halloween costumes and had him flip to the next card for me.

"What is the card?"

"Three of Earth... Works"

The little ping felt correct and "Works" is a nice follow up to The Hierophant. The representative gets to business and in perfect order, and today, Monday, I was scheduled to teach Reiki.

I love these little connections.

When things go into alignment, when I am in harmony with myself the seeming randomness is knit together into a nice weave of instances that connect, click, tie, and the weave of the direction makes perfect sense. The card in particular felt like "my work" and knowing that I was teaching on Monday, I nodded to myself with a cat-like smile.

Painting and healing are top on my list and all things related to them are spun webs, crossing and linking. Mmm patterns. :)

Today, Monday, was a good day. I'm always curious about what will come about and who will show for attunements. It's never been the same once the initiation begins. Sure the ceremony is 90% of the same set of motions, breath-work, and connections to that well of energy but then different when the invitation to the healing forces begins. Some feel like fire or lightening, others light, hot or cold, for each person the actual work of connecting is unique.

It was a happy day overall, for the both of us, when the attunement caught. We took lunch at a little sandwich shop in the Old Bank District, chatted some more and bought some cupcakes. Speaking of Tarot...

Tarot_Spirit_one_fireI use the Tarot of the Spirit, for the most part, sometimes jumping over to my mini-Rider Waite. I got an email from Pamela Eakins, Ph.D, part of my reading that she is selling signed copies of the companion boo for a limited time.

Check out Tarot of the Spirit's website and send them an email for more information.

Lovely day.

Be well,

Scott K Smith

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