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Shuffle the deck. The Tarot Journey, begins.

Scott K

I love Oracle's. Runes, Tarot, Water Gazing, Scrying, the whole lot. I haven't tried casting bones or reading tea leaves (in some time) but the whole process is so interesting that I can never get enough. The minds door opens with the keys as they are cast, be they cards or stones, chanting or sticks. I consider myself an Adept with the Tarot. Not quite a master user but proficient with skill and experience, beyond the journeyman stages. I have some limited experience with Runes and I've dabble in the I-Ching and other forms of divination but the Tarot has always captivated me, especially when I really started to use them for what they were. Keys to doors.

I wrote once about the Tarot Journey, a mystical approach to learning the Tarot through attunement (meditation, exploration and journaling) on and I thought I would share the experience again. Documenting my own journey with the Tarot and all the connections a long the way.

Modified Tarot Journey

What I would originally do to begin the Journey would be to take all the cards and put them in the following order:

  • Ace through Court Cards
  • Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Major Arcana Magician through to the Fool.

(Put the book away, it only get's in the way at this point).

I would then take the first card, that would be the Ace of Wands or Fire, and place it in my meditation space. Gazing at the card I would spend 15-30 minutes allowing the energy of that card to be experienced on a subtle level. In a journal I would document all of the thoughts, feelings and sensations that seemed significant and then continue into my day. An harm none, I ask for the message of the card to come through in the clearest and easiest to understand, consciously.

Over the next 1-3 days I would then watch to see what transpired in my life. Keep in mind that I just consciously tapped the energy of the Tarot card, meaning that I opened myself up to the lesson, or frequency of that art work and Tarot meaning.

All-in-all that original "Tarot Journey" took me six years.

This time around I'm going about it a different way. The lessons of that earlier exploration are both powerful and subtly embedded in my psyche. One point stand out clearly, it was a good way to move through into a new direction and learn a lot about myself.

Last week I sat at my desk and held the cards in my hands. I spelled out my intention, clearly, that I intended to manifest a new life direction, that I was ready to come out of the hibernal period and begin to actively share my talents and gifts again. This is an earlier idea but I had only acted on it with a half-assed enthusiasm due in part to the fact that the Rowan was consuming so much of my time. Now that the project is finally selling and winding down I find that I am having more and more time to work on the things I am passionate about.

Anyway, with that intention in mind I cleared myself and sent that up into the Universe. I quieted my thoughts and waited for the energy, the feeling of the joy, success and happiness at accomplishment that would bring to bounce back through me and into the cards.

Shuffle. Cut. Shuffle. Shuffle. Cut. Turn. The Hierophant.

Yoda as The Hierophant by Michelle Ewing-Juarbe

So my journey begins and if I can't laugh at things like this then I need to lighten up. That very day I pulled the card someone came into the office to have a "chat". The very same someone who wanted to learn Reiki but never got around to committing to a time that he could stick to. No fault of his own, naturally, I remember that the energy didn't feel like it was in alignment and that it would be some time before we began the process, if we ever did.

Anyway, in he comes. We talk at first casually about some random things and then I feel that little click in the air, like we just stepped into something deeper and there is information gathered all around my head. I'm sitting at my desk and he is across the room on the lounge, beneath Aurora and the word "Shadow" bounces around...

I can't quite grab the meat of that conversation, like most times when I read someone intuitively it just happens and like a river the words pour like water out of me and then the stream stops. I have the memory of the flow and many of the bits that were carried along in the current but the rest passes through me, and then, is gone.

I do know we talked about the Three Worlds (Upper, Middle, and Lower) and the relationship to the Shadow to the Underworld. There was some talk of Buddhism and how, in Tendai (all Buddhism?), there are no shadow beings only Light Beings.

I know in the end he was ready and I was asked to give an attunement... and so I am.

The Hierophant, the Pope, the Shaman, the High Priest. He's the Field Rep for the spiritual world, even tho he can traditionally mean organized religion or structures based on traditions -traditionally speaking- but I have a deeper feeling that the Hierophant is resonating with the power to set structures, budget power, apply experience, and overall guide me back to the path of the Councilor, Activator and Teacher. Though I don't need to do a lot of figuring here, if I look back through my journals, I can see it all adds up.

This is going to be interesting.

The Hierophant will sit on my altar, in my meditative space. I will see it every day when I leave and every night before bed. Then I will feel a completion. There will be a moment when the message and the application meet like Kongo Gassho. A respect for oneness.

If you want to follow along on your own journey this type of meditative practice can be done by anyone with a Tarot deck, time to meditate and a willingness to commit to your goals, and knowing yourself.

  1. Plan your intention, be clear.
  2. Take your cards and shuffle them with that intention in mind, ask for the best and right path. The clearest answers.
  3. Turn the card and place in your meditation space and meditate on the card. 15-30 minutes, just letting the thoughts and feelings, insights and intuitions come to you as you focus the mind on the cards imagery.

Journal your meditation and the subsequent days experience. Pay close attention to the relationships and situations that come to the fore, with respect to your meditation on  the Tarot. Write it down.

This tells a story. This crafts the vessel. This illustrates your journey...

Be well,

Scott K Smith

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