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Carnival of Healing #208: A Breath of Fresh Air | Air Filters & Purifiers for Life

Scott K

I'm enjoying a lazy Saturday at work... with the Carnival of Healing! Phylameana writes...

"The Carnival of Healing is taking a breather this week. For real! WP Ho, who has hosted in the past on his blog The Conscious Life, asked if he could host this week's edition on another blog he maintains, Air Filters & Purifiers for Life. WP asks carnival goers to take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy... I don't think we can ever be reminded to breathe deeply enough. Too many of us have a tendency to be shallow breathers otherwise.

WP says "Treat yourself to a Smörgåsbord of useful articles, from how to stop obsessive thoughts to how to awaken from your conditioned mind, in this edition of Carnival of Healing"

Enjoy your weekend, Phylameana"


I got a lot out of the first article, "Let shiatsu expert Gina Loree' Marks tell you how to fix that in The Anal Retentive Meridianat Grace in Gravity."


Carnival of Healing #208: A Breath of Fresh Air | Air Filters & Purifiers for Life.


Be well,

Scott K Smith

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