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More Artists Added to Rowan Art Walk.

Scott K

Hi there. Had to post again and update you on some more of the artists I'll be sharing the Rowan Gallery Space with. This is going to be interesting. I peeked on some of the work that is going up inside. Add in BOLT Barbers  and their demonstrations and my work... I'm smiling. I wasn't able to get links to all of the Artists but here is who I have.

Tony Tee / Known Gallery

Steve Anderson / Nudes


I also received a list of names, of photographers, who  I do not have addresses for. Victor Lopez, Clark, and Nima.

Of course we still have BOLT Barbers who will be setting up five chairs for men's hair cuts, at the Rowan Gallery space while their retail space is being built out. Cuts are part of the BOLT experience and during the Art Walk Matt has joined with Jodi Bonassi, paintings of Barber Shops.

And of course there is my work, titled A Hidden Place.


Art Walk @ The Rowan 460 S. Spring Street (at 5th and Spring) Los Angeles, CA 90014

*Art walk is always free*

*Note about Parking Downtown: Most streets have free parking (at meters) after 6:00 PM on Thursday Night. You will find that there are quite a lot of people on the street so you may have to pay for parking if you didn’t decided to take the public transportation in or stage your exploration of new art at a local’s loft / parking.

Invitation Invite on  facebook:

I hope you can make it.

Scott K Smith