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Scott K

I woke this morning preparing to hold the space for healing today. I made myself ready. When I woke before the alarm I entered a meditative state and listened to myself. What was on my mind. What I felt. What my body felt like. I listened. I heard. I became clear. Beyond thought. Beyond feeling. Into knowing. Being clear.

I had intended to give healing today but a knowing said, "not today".

A bit confused I kept the intention and went into wakefulness and continued with the plan. Some slight resistance because I knew it would not pass today but still intending to meet with my friend. (Hey lady). Later I received a text message that my friend could not get a sitter to watch her beautiful baby while I passed Reiki.

I wasn't surprised in the way you might think, I knew deep down that it was not going to happen today.

The lunch we had was healing regardless.

Life is much bigger than we imagine it.

Be well,

Scott K Smith


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