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Impressions: The "I'm back" re-cap

Scott K

Happy Solstice.

I look at the Los Angeles sky outside of my windows and I’m still in a little bit of awe at the lateness of the days in the Northern Hemisphere. The sun was setting at around 11:00 pm and the sky was lightening at about 4:30. I know because we went to an art house party in Berlin, thanks to the boys who put us up at there place, and danced until the short night became the long day.

There is a bit of jet lag in this post so I’ll try to mind my writing but forgive me if I stutter and blur my language.

Waking this morning, after a very long day lengthened by flying with the sun from Paris to Los Angeles, I composed a small celebration before motoring off to Upland, CA, for father’s day with B’s Opa. I’m also in a bit of a quake at the turn of events in Iran. Contemplative with the new book Jesus in Egypt, and still puzzling over a possible Father’s Day + Summer Solstice connection. Is there one? Maybe only in my dimension...

Europe is a strange and beautiful place, and I only really got to see three countries. Germany. Holland. Paris, for a day. (See me, closing eyes and pulling up the cache of feelings and sensations).

*Deep breath.*

We were on the “whirlwind tour”, meaning that B and I didn’t really stay long in any one place. I think the idea was to see as much of the sites as possible while still satisfying my curiosity and his family obligations (Amsterdam), having a good time with our fellow travelers and still catching up with some old friends. Would I take back some of the time and invest it somewhere else? Probably but the trip “is, what it is” and so here I am back at home with well over 600 photographs, strange sleep patterns and a smile on my face.

Vacation takes us away from our lives, gives us a chance to catch a breath and look back over the miles with that view from a far. I said to myself that a few things were going to change. While I was a way it seemed so fantastically easy but settling back into the energy of here, the process wheels beginning to turn in my head *adding some lube to those gears* and some pressing financial matters, the view of my life from a local vantage point isn’t so easily manipulated.

Silly life, why can’t you just agree with my idea?

Any-who-who, I was asked a few questions before I left about the trip, events and when I am available for sessions and such. These and I believe one of my friends included a note to bring back some information on healers and energy workers so I’d like to address those questions and thoughts.

First, I met only one “energy worker” but she is a friend and that was a great night of talking and sharing. That girl can really Witch things up when she wants to so we chatted through dinner about resonating energies, personal power affecting our immediate environment and shifting things in healthy way, in the moment. I can’t and wouldn’t take back the conversation, it was one of the deepest I had while I was away.

Though I did find a little Witch shop in Hamburg, we were at the end of our trip and feeling overwhelmed with the goodbye’s and gift getting I never made it back over to that area. Shame really, it was a neat looking place.

Right. Well. All things for a reason and I guess I had mine. :)

Rather than trying to cram everything into one post I decided to take my time, “pick-a-little, talk-a-little” and string some stories out of you. My yarns will unravel over the next week or so and I’ll have time to catch up on some sleep and schedule adjustments. If I keep writing now you may gloss over my precious words (ha. ha.) and I’ll be sitting here at my kitchen table until 6:00 am.

I can’t do that again.

Entries on energy, sites, photos, stories of me fumbling with German words, and yes even some requests are coming though the pipeline. I just need a moment to put them all in order.

Glad to be back.


- - -

Be whatever you want.

Scott K Smith

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