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blue_fair"Density" OK. OK. OK. This entry has been going on all day and I feel I have forced it. SO, I took out the tense parts and left what I thought makes sense. If all else fails it’s in the chant and the image.


I’ve been thinking a lot about my own personal healing and this morning, and afternoon before lunch, as I did my toning and vibrating, application of essential oils, stretching and then work with some Reiki symbols I realized my own density.

When I say “dense” I mean dense in vibration and dense in the noggin, and that is refreshing. Sometimes some good old toning and vibrating the energies in our lives, directing to lift it all up can really show us -me. ha. ha. ha.- just how dense we’ve been. In short it’s nice to have our own wake up.


In the past few weeks I’ve had some interesting knowing moments.

These also come through in meditation. I make notes of faces, names, images, sensations... these all connect, they all are facets of self and, “self” relating to life. The pattern is big. My likes and dislikes, loves and fears, highs and lows and all things violet and in between where there is the third, the trine, the infinity within. The whole me that is all things and all things that are me.

Sometimes I think that this is almost impossible to explain. Some people get their psychic flashes in dreams. Sometimes they see things that others cannot and still others hear things. I get a perspective shift and I suddenly just see a part of the situation. I just know.

This can be startling, but since I’ve been doing this most of my life, theknowing is now easily swallowed. At this point I’m remaining grounded (thank you Hermetic Bear).

As I came out of meditation today in the morning, working on toning sounds, essential oil application and sacred symbols; and again at lunch I feel as if life is really song, or poetry. I also think that friend Chati had something to do with it since I’ve been following her blog and again, keeping all things in perspective that what I see and experience in others is a connection to something in myself I say, Life is Poetry.


“The poetry is in dancing through all the forms of life. Never loss or gain, only experiencing. We are the dancer and we are the dance. We are the dreamer and the dream. We are all that is seen and unseen. In the rhythm of the drum, the chant and sway there we surrender... play. There is no loss of me or I, when all the world becomes the bright mind. I am, we are, it is, one. I am, we are, it is, one. I am we are, it is, one.”


Mercury is in retrograde until the 30th of May, 2009. One friend had all of her phones break, along with her computer. In another conversation with a new co-worker I’m being given all this communication and this energetic connection is made. News is blaring miscommunication between politicians. Ellen is on Perez with a commencement speech. Information that was unseen becomes seen again. This is Mercury, the vibration, the Ki of traveling energy in voice, in body, in electricity (Mercury is the lower octave of Uranus) and in review through dreams, meditation and conversation. The travel of energy from one point to the next is affected by a planet that represents these things, that appears to move backwards in the sky. Is this why I’m having so much trouble getting the words down in the blog today?

Be well,

Scott K Smith

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Scott K Smith

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