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An afterthought on a healing... electric_fence

Back when I was working with I used to post a statement that included a reminder to support your local holistic practitioner, healer, guide or friend. Patronizing their services is a good thing because you are not only receiving direction and/or therapy you are supporting their life’s calling. Strengthening these spiritual and holistic people by referrals and receiving sessions you are also helping to keep those loving vibes flowing; you are allowing for the conduit to pass their energy, that tap into the Life Force Energy / Love that is always needed in the world.

In a sense you are helping along an increase and expansion of the collective consciousness of the world simply by receiving.

I am reminiscing because I did in fact see another healer this last Monday for a session. In a word: Love. In a reflection... wow, so many reminders and insights. After an hour and a half of breakdown and then deep work on the body/mind. Through some sudden tears, sighs, deep breaths and laughter that suddenly blew out of me, I realized that some paths had been shut down inside of me. I haven’t had that great of a session since... well since like 1998 believe it or not.

All sorts of thoughts and feelings floated up out of my inner world. The energy, movement, stretching and deep tissue relief parted blockages with skill and with zero invasiveness. I recalled my great aunt, beneath  my shoulder and the being that appeared at her funeral. I was giggling at the hands when he opened palm chakras and tingling to the toes when he drew the energy out of sore muscles in gluts, legs and feet.

More comes out of healing like this because, All Things Connected the energy of the mind/body is directly connected to the people, situations andKarma of our lives.

Tarot_of_spirit_one_waterRelieving the connected consciousness (from body to stuck or blocked relationships and karma) frees up the energy associated with the problem, or block, and gives us some breathing room. A time to redress our life path and our stance one what has so stressed us out of where we feel healthy and in alignment.

As a healer I really appreciate the exchange. I did pay for my experience, that is part of the trade. I know that any trade for the service can be equal, fair, but after having survived for many years by giving Reiki, consultations and creating healing-art pieces for clients, I usually pay for the healing. Love and appreciation do not pay the rent.

There is also an element of the exchange that clients often do not perceive and that is that the Healer also benefits from the experience because they are given the opportunity to ply their trade, pass the energy they are connected to and ultimately fulfill their compassionate calling. That is a true reward to any healer.

So I’m sitting here amazed and hoping in many senses that I have given this same relief to those who have come to me for healing or guidance. Smiling with this profound feeling of love, freed from the density of tension and unseen anxiety that had been embedded in secret places in my body. Sought out by strong but tender hands that opened up paths, clearing my channel. Widening perspective.

Feeling expanded. I just wanted to remind you that you can afford to seek a fair trade for healing, you deserve it and in finding that trade you are also helping someone else practice their life’s calling; supporting their work; giving back to the greater vibration by allowing the healing energy to be present in the here and now. One more tap opened, one more Open Channel pouring out. When you give you receive. When you receive, you are giving.

Call your favorite healer and make an appointment, wherever you are. :)

Be well,

Scott K Smith

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-His Holiness The Fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet.


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