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Happy Hump Day and welcome back to the Journey. I’m having heart fun today and thought I would write about a meditation that I find interesting and balancing.

I’m not feeling so crafty today, this blog entry has been interrupted about 99 times. I’m not bothered but I’m sure it is a little stuttered. Please forgive the blog if it skips a bit. Couldn’t be helped.

Meditating this morning I had a fun experience channeling Earth and Sky; Yin & and Yang; the Light and the energy of Form. They are dualities. One rises from the Earth, the other descends from the heavens. Shakti & Shiva. Goddess and God. The dualities, the polarities. These two energies can meet in many places, today I chose the heart because the union of these two energies is a feeling of love, and love is some good magick. :)


I started with the Reiki  Mudra meditation technique*, you can use whatever meditation technique you prefer. Get into your centered place and start at the Crown.

Imagine the center of the universe, the center of all things. Feel that place inside your mind. Imagine what it would look like and how the energies would feel. This energy is the Life Force, it is the power that infuses all things.

Feel this energy enter the Crown and move down the path of energy centers in the body, clearing and balancing your wheels of light. 7th. 6th. 5th. 4th. 3rd. 2nd. 1st.

Surrender to the energy, allow it to travel through you, each center and then down through the hands, then feet into the earth... This is the Yang. This is the male force. This is the God Force.

Stay there. Let your mind, you thoughts, your feelings open up to the sensation of this force moving through you and into the earth. Earth’s core. Earth’s soul. Goddess. Feminine force. Yin. That which holds the energy, shapes the form.

Feel that Force of Yin accept the energy. Feel the energy of that union as it moves up your body, through the feet and hands, up through hara, into the wheels of light. Let that energy travel through you, out the crown into the sky to the center of that power emanating from above.

The God force that projects, the Goddess force that is the vessel for all things. The power and the place. The blade and cup. This is the love and movement of all things.

Bring your awareness to your heart then and allow the energy to meet there. Become aware of the two energies mingling and the product of that alchemy.

The heart center is more than just a place of love, it is a center of Alchemy. Opposites are married and made into new things. The heart transforms. It is a powerful place and illuminated when the light of love is shining on it or through it.

I remain in this place and seek my guidance or simply allow for that energy to flow into whatever comes to mind. If I have something specific to focus on -from this new perspective- I will send this new energy to it then.

When you are ready, count out of your meditation, ground and enter your day.

*Please note, if you are using the Reiki Mudras, Sha, Rin, Kai, then I would keep to the following guidelines. Sha when drawing from the universal energy / God source. Rin when drawing from the earth source up. Kai when allowing myself to feel the energy mingle and experience the love. This then would be your jumping off point where you would either continue your meditation for your own purposes or exit meditation. The Kai mudra is a position of intuition, brining both sides of the mind together to open intuition. It is clearing and focusing.


The interesting thing, for me, during this time is that I usually also connect to whatever healing guides and deity forces / archetypes that I am working with. Today as I was pulling from the God force the archetype felt male but as I respectfully channeled the energy of the feminine it became female for a moment before “flickering” between Male/Female to settle on an almost hermaphroditic form. A spiritual deity of dual sexes or the embodiment of both of these universal energies. Ascending/Descending. Yin/Yang. Male/Female.

Meditating on that I had to search suss out some information on the web on Hermaphrodite or dual sexed deities. Wow, there are a lot throughout history of our people.

My favorite happened to embody the feeling and image the best which was Kwan Yin (Guan Yin, etc). However I found Ardhanarishvara to be an interesting and very similar deity to the sensation I experienced.

ArdhanarishvaraArdhanarishvara (half male-half female God).The sculpture's left is female and the right is male, depicting Shiva and his consort Shakti/Parvati.


So... If you happen to be curious (bi-curious HA. HA. Get it?), know a similar practice or are willing to try I would love to hear your feedback on the practice of channeling both energies and being the conduit. ESPECIALLY if you already integrate this into your magickal or energetic practices OR you are trying it for the first time.

Today alone I’ve felt that love that is generated jump right out of my heart like a beam of light and work with a few clients. It was powerful, beautiful and uplifting.

Be well,

Scott K Smith

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