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Musings have come to an end...

Scott K Smith

Dear readers. 

I have closed the musings page for good. My writing is currently going into my personal works for magickal and healing purposes. Like previous works, contributions and manuals, they will be available online and in print as announced.

My past work in print, art, etc is listed in the about section

I continue to post semi-regularly to the FB page, instagram, and bits and pieces for musing on current events. I continue to write sporadically via Medium, but the bulk of my writing is now happening behind the scenes. 

Much love and thank you for all your support. 

Scott K Smith
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The Stoic: 9 Principles to Help You Keep Calm in Chaos

Scott K Smith

Act on your principles, not your moods. How the ancient philosophy of Stoicism can help us smash creative blocks and do our best work.

This is a piece that came up in my studies this month. And tho I am studying what looks like esoteric, occult, and magickal things that [seem to be related to] non-physical things--believe me they are deeply related to the physical because this is the most spiritual place...

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Instinct, Intuition, Alignment

Scott K Smith

Ego, Higher Self, Shadow Self?

Instinct and Intuition? 

"But not all feelings and instincts I had were correct. Sometimes I found that my feeling about someone turned out to be more own biases, fear (valid response, needs unpacking), or reference to memory. These feelings were accurate because intuition and instinct said, this person is strangely similar to that last one and you got hurt, avoid! But the new person isn't the last. Sure they may have exhibited some similar behavior but they aren't the same being. 

Nuance is incredibly important..."

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Sessions: Wisdom, Love, and Power Spaces with Scott K Smith

Scott K Smith

What are Sessions? After some deep and lasting work with clients, and musing on the nature of my work I have been inspired to magick up new treatment possibilities: Sessions.

These magickal-healing spaces are based on three rays: Wisdom, Love, and Power. 

Sessions are designed to open up and unpack healing trauma, expanding creativity, and deepening your magick. They include body and energy therapeutics, and organically form from inquiry, synergy [between us], and the Spirits of health, inspiration, wholeness, and whatever muses you are currently working with. 

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52Essays2017: On Writing Our Lives

Scott K Smith

Although my work has significantly increased in the last three months, and I'm loving the blessing of that so much, I decided to take a writing challenge. This post features a bit on Writing Your Life kicked off by a writer in Brooklyn, and a link to the writing I am adding to the community of voices for #52essays2017 on

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Suggested Listening: Meeting our Enemies and Our Suffering, podcast

Scott K Smith

In times like now that I am humbled with the privilege to have the time, space, and safety to engage in topics like these. I offer these up to you as food for thought.  Tough Love, or Fierce Compassion was a topic this last weekend during workshop and sacred symbol work. I hope you enjoy this round-table conversation with American Buddhist authors Sharon Salzberg and Robert Thurman. 

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Reiki II: Day two, "She Whispers In My Heart," by Rev. Mother Yeshe Rabbit

Scott K Smith

I don't know if I could ever sum the beauty and intensity of these workshops into words; enough words to convey the depth, joy, tears, healing, and practice that comes out of them. But I can share moments, like our opening spaces and how we begin teaching. 

On Sunday we opened with words from Yeshe Rabbit, of Caya Coven and The Sacred Well in Oakland, CA. That we began Saturday with a piece on love and intersection, on relationship, I felt drawn back to the anthology Finding the Masculine in Goddess' Spiral, and Yeshe's words. 

Pieces of the introduction and the loving words of Goddess.

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Reiki II: Day One, "Looking in the Same Direction," by Thich Nhat Hahn

Scott K Smith

We begain Reiki II, day one, with Stephanie reading from Inside the Now.

"When we know how to nourish our love, we can heal ourselves and heal those around us. When love grows, it naturally embraces more and more. If your love is true love, then it will continue to grow until it include all people and all species. Your love will become a river, wide enough to nourish not only you and your beloved, but the world. This is love without limits, a heart without, boundaries, and without discrimination. It is unlimited compassion, unlimited loving kindness. It brings joy to everyone. Nothing and no one is excluded from this love--that is why it is called the love of limitless inclusiveness."

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"Just for Today..."

Scott K Smith

Sitting with the morning muse after working on the various little altars around the house. I found a note, inside was this... "How do I value you as a loving human being?
Where is the Sun? The West? The East? What is my direction?
What am I longing for?
What am I avoiding?
What can I do for my joy and fulfillment today?
What do I really want to say?"

Join me in this inquiry.

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On Pulse, Community, and Pride

Scott K Smith

We, friends and I, spent the day at QUEER Care LA: Summer Edition. An altar was set up for community. People, faces, fairies gathered. We were greif, we were anger, we were the light of pride. 

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Notes and updates on the upcoming Magick Classes: Witchcraft 1 - year of fire

Scott K Smith

Intro updates, June 9th. Book study + parts of our own circles practice. First six are introductory, attendance is encouraged if you are looking to get involved deeper as the latter half is much more magickally engaging.

Be prepared to take notes, journal, and commit to establishing, or expanding and reestablishing your personal practice with Magick.


We are going to be opening up more studies within our circle, and within the community later this year. This includes ‪#‎GATHER‬ hosted by co-leaders and other Magick Makers, events, and public / private circles.

Stay tuned!

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Mercury Retrograde - A bit of magick to smooth the way

Scott K Smith

The thing that happens with planetary clockwork, Mercury Retrograde is about to be upon us. It is probably one of the most written about, regular, events that leaves the casual follower of astrology quivering--and often ready to point a finger at a tiny planetary motion with blame. 

I've said it, and it's been written time and again, retrogrades are queues to look within at one's self and our thoughts and actions with respect to this, or any, mythic sky story. 

I'm offering you a little bit of magick from my own practice to navigate this time. 

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On love, the heart.

Scott K Smith

Love is...

What? How do you define love? Is it a state of continual bliss? When you imagine it, what do you think it is? Do you have it? Are you in it now? What must it feel like if you do not? 

Are not all these thoughts about love, judgement? Are they in themselves distant, or just outside of the place we call love? What are facts to love? What is love without beauty, art, poetry?

In so many sessions the last few weeks where I find myself demonstrating vulnerability. Opening myself up and presenting an open heart; and that may sound like different things to different people, and for me it is this, stillness and openness with care. I do this because we, I, you, complicate everything. 

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What I Do: Meditation

Scott K Smith

"Many experiences can be a focus for meditation, and give you what we might call meditative consciousness, opening a gateway within. Various forms of exercise, crafts, and music can induce a meditative state..." -- Christopher Penczak, The Gates of Witchcraft

Meditation is more than you expect. In fact it's getting beyond the expectation, into the mechanics of your personal life, and exploring the potential awareness that meditation can bring to you that yields the greatest personal and social changes, truths, and compassion. 

What is meditation? Let's explore in this short food for thought on contemplative practice, here at, with Scott K Smith

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Looking for some online volunteers for Meditation (online)

Scott K Smith

I am looking for a few volunteers who...

Can meditate, and are comfortable with an esoteric meditation style; and volunteers who are willing to listen to a private meditation and send me their thoughts on the results of the meditation.

I'm expanding on a few qualities of light that we played with in meditation during the last book study class and blending them with a few styles of learning, into a magickal bodybuilding series.

Please send me your information, and why you'd like to participate and I will respond with a link! I only ask that you send me your experience with the meditation. I am working on sound quality, I recognize that there is something a bit like standing in an empty room with this particular recording but I'm working on that. 

Name *

Thank you,

Scott K Smith

Updates on Products and Projects

Scott K Smith

Hi all. 

It's hard to believe that it has been less than two months since I opened Temple Los Angeles. My heart to those friends, family members, clients and the community who supported the first event. 

I'm spending the remainder of my 2015 year on a few things.

Incense and oils

I'm uploading the remainder of the magickally blended incenses to the products page, including the remaining Medicine Buddha oil. Note on that one, it's a subtle scent but I designed it for medicinal use, not as a fragrance. I expect that new products will be live by the 1st week of January, 2016. 

Classes and Events

Gather has gone strong! I love it. Much better turn out than past indoor events. I am looking at January 17th as the Next Gather with Temple Los Angeles. Details will NOT be posted on the web as far as location goes. ALthough I will have an events page and some details, I would like to keep these outdoor events a little further from the internet web than they have been, and a little more on the Magickal web. Seems fitting. 

New event will be posted on the Temple Los Angeles page, details and location are by RSVP only. A mirror page will be on facebook. 

I am looking for the following. 

  1. Community spaces indoor and out. Less restrictions, more pagan and witch/magickal friendly spaces. (They don't have to BE magickal traditional places, I like all spiritual venues). 
  2. Home spaces where we can have indoor and outdoor events in the East Side, North East Side, Downtown, Silverlake, Echo Park, and East LA areas.
  3. I have a LOT of new material, Temple material, and old but great stuff. I need democratic business owners and space holders, community based spaces. I am avoiding princesses, prima-donnas, and dictators. *wink*

When I say I have a lot, I mean I have oodles of new stuff not offered in LA. Be mindful that I set up and take down my own ritual space, call in and work the energies of Temple Los Angeles, and by a large degree the Temple of Witchcraft magickal allies. This is the blend of my practice.

  • The Book Study; Inner Temple of Witchcraft, will begin again in June. 
  • A second level book study: Outer Temple, starts in July or August. 

Projects: Creative and Writing

I'm in the midst of a 13 Days of Yule, ritualized contemplative practice of drawing in the energies for the year to come. You can find that here at

I have one or two other projects in "the works," meaning that I have to come up with sketches and designs, campaigns, support, interviews and such and that's a lot of work... just not a lot of words for you at this time. Look for a collaboration with some awesome pagans, witches, and artists, magick makers old and new. 

Minoan Snake Goddess figurines c 1600 BCE. Heraklion Archaeological Museum

Minoan Snake Goddess figurines c 1600 BCE. Heraklion Archaeological Museum


Finding the Masculine in the Goddess Spiral
Men in ritual, community and Service to the Goddess

A friendly reminder that this anthology is coming out this year, 2016! I find myself humbly among some great names, and illuminated authors, Queer Spirits, and other illuminated in service to the Goddess. It's a small thing I bring to the anthology, and I mean that in a sense of preciousness, from my heart to yours. 

Stay tuned, here. 

By Love, Will and Wisdom; Be Loving, Be Magickal, Be Wise. 

Scott K Smith

Hear the Words of All You Encounter - Tarot Decan Dec. 13 - 21, 2015

Scott K Smith

I want to position myself in this so that for (at least) ten days I am open to being a part of the great spectrum of life by acknowledging my teacher in all people and beings I meet. 

Keywords: Consideration, awareness, density, inspiration, teachers, Gasho. 

Affirmation, "With love and care I see through all projections to the heart of you. I see the hidden light in all things and it is Loving, Divine, Wise , and compassionate. Life is teaching me in this present moment, I am receiving. I see this Love, Will, and Wisdom in you. I see Love, Will, and Wisdom in all beings."

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