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I continue to get lovely feedback and testimonials. Thank you EVERYONE who took the time to write me something so lovely. Also check out my official page at The Crystal Matrix in Atwater Village (Los Angeles) on the staff page.

What people say...

"Scott is by far one of the most in tune massage therapists I have ever worked with.  I have had ALOT.. and I mean ALOT of massages in my lifetime.  Mostly because I used to be a trained/certified massage therapist.  He ranks really high up for a multiple of reasons.. one- he is just amazing at massage and two he is a very intuitive healer, incorporating energy work and intuitive insight and reading of the energy field.  He is a true professional with a big heart and a discerning mind.  I have gone to him with years old physical issues that he was able to adjust in just a few sessions. Wonderful!!" 

~ Laura E., Glendale CA


Dear Scott,

I think I will just send you a note by snail mail and be done with this. In my reading with you last Sunday about 2 pm, you said a hated word to me before you could share the reading. I was stunned and I could not understand why that word was even a part of my reading. It took me two nights of looking for clarity to get it, but I did the second, actually early morning, about 5 am. BOWEL, was the word, a word I have always hated since I was a very little kid. And you said it "in public." Well, obviously you had a message that I needed to hear it before I went on with my "work." Now I have spent two amazing days processing lots of trapped emotion, some of it for more than 70 years. Because of your saying that word, I wrote several chapters of the book I am working on, full of experiences I have needed to come to terms with an release. Then, the 3rd morning I awoke with great clarity and just released it all, deleted all the copies of the book I had been working on for several years, knowing I was done with it all. I may write another book but it will be a different book and I am free of all that baggage. Thanks, Scott, for your help.

--Sincerely, Jewel


I was first introduced to Reiki when I lived a stressful dotcom life in San Francisco.  I didn't totally get into it until I moved to Los Angeles and met Scott.  I wasn't sure what to expect and let him guide me through the process and the benefits of simply allowing myself to relax for the hour I spent with him.  It's now a part of my life and I miss it when I don't do this.

The best thing about Scott is that he is very open and spiritual but it's not over the top or obnoxious or heavy handed in the way I tend to find most people who are into Reiki or any kind of holistic medicine/teaching (I'm talking to you Whole Foods hipster).

I tell him what I'm going through, how I'm feeling, or what I'm searching for in terms of my mind/body and he makes his recommendations.  Sometimes I follow it, sometimes I don't.  But let me tell you, it's a big difference when I follow his advice.

I've also used the oils he's recommended and they've been awesome.  I've even caught my husband sneaking some on his wrists and temples.  I'm lazy for shopping and Scott orders the oils and brings them along for me.  Another perk.

I don't do Reiki as often as I should but I try to book him twice a month and it has worked wonders for my stress level and my overall calmness while working in the entertainment biz.

BIG PROS:*He's been my Reiki guy through two pregnancies.*Travels to your location and also works in Atwater Village.*Scott's like a personal trainer for your inner peace.*Affordable!

E.S., Venice, CA


"This posting is overdue. Scott has a genuine gift. Combined with a pleasant disposition he is knowledgeable about his practice and the proper use of energy and healing. We sub-contract Scott from time to time to help our clients at our alternative healing clinic. To those are familiar with Reiki Healing we at Healing Arts would HIGHLY recommend that you pay Scott a visit. Thanks again Scott!!!!!"

Healing Arts, Burbank, CA


"Recently Scott helped me with a situation I was struggling with. I gave him very little information beyond the basics. I was pleased and impressed with how astute and accurate his insights were. He made my decision much easier and I avoided unnecessary emotional distress. Scott's reading was / Scott is thoughtful and sensitive, I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone. "

W. Aja - Dana Point, Artist, Business Owner


"Prior to seeing Scott I had been seeing a Chakra/balancing  healer for about a year.  My aura was cleansed weekly and it was great until my then consultant started to psycho-analyze me.  I immediately stopped seeing her, as there are other professionals for that specialty and was blessed to have found Scott.  Scott practices what I like to call simply and powerfully conduit healing.

When I first saw Scott I was nervous, as my prior experience had gone wonky in the end.  But when we began talking I was initially very impressed by his interest in my background, what medications I take, if I suffer from major and/or chronic illness's etc.  We touched on my prior experiences and he emphasized that he is not there to fix but to merely,  move not force or puncture or otherwise enforce healing.  Like I said a "magical conduit".

It was unforgettable.  I started crying during the process, which felt safe and comforting and most of all cleansing.  I never felt awkward or uncomfortable.  This is important to me, and unusual,  because I come from a heavy background of trauma but everything seemed to flow, not restrict.  If he encountered resistance, he did not push. But let my body, my energy and his channel guide. Her permitted the tears to flow, rather than try and stop or smother them.

He then introduced these oils, (I am a sorry sucker for aroma's!) and with my eyes closed, I was able to explore and find scents that worked for me and healed me.  He is so spot on and intuitive that the first two scents presented, resonated with me.

After my experience, I felt LIGHT,  happy and lifted.  Giddy.  Think  Endorphin rush after a 10 mile run.  Think Forest Gump giddiness minus the beard.

There is a touch, a magic a source that Scott taps into and guides and brings to the table that is something I have not experienced before.   I have sought him out for many things on a consultant level, massage and energy level.  All of which he has met or exceeded my expectations.

His price point is unbelievable for the service and treatment you get.  And you know, he is that guy that you don't forget.  That guy that will listen, and care and empathize and most importantly know what your going through and exactly what will help. Most importantly he remembers you, remembers your experiences and really takes in interest in You.

He has been there.  He earnestly and truly, I believe and felt wants to help, heal, aid do what is within his range of power and strength to better you and our Universe as whole."

~ Jaime J, Long Beach, CA


"Scott is a first-rate energy worker with pure intent and precise vision. He is able to discern energy, provide clear information, and use his healing gifts to help shift situations to a higher vibration. His loving healing work is a ray of light upon the planet."

Todd Atwood, MS


"Not only can Scott help you with what you need, he has a huge heart, and will guide you on the right direction. Thanks to Scott I am happier and healthier. Thank you Scott."

MS.Irene F.


"I've been following Scott on Tumblr for over a year now and I love his daily tarot drawings. Scott goes so deep into detail when explaining what a particular card means and draws comparisons from quotes, people, history, places. He phrases everything in a way that you can understand exactly what it means. I had been wanting to get a reading done for a while because sometimes you just need answers or guidance, and that is exactly what Scott provided for me when he drew those cards. He is such a kind soul and so eager to help you understand what everything (in your spread) means. If you're looking for guidance and insight you've come to the right person."

~ Jacqueline Melofiro


"When my life is feeling out of control, Scott is the one I call to help get me grounded.  His insightfulness and healing techniques have helped me get through some of the toughest times in my life. Whenever I leave a session with Scott, whether it be Reiki or a reading, I always have a sense of calm and direction and renewed purpose."

~ Angela, Los Angeles


"I will always and forever recommend Scott to all my friends and family. He is so kind, supportive, insightful and smart! I have never encountered such deep analysis and great understanding of the situation. Scott was tremendously helpful and is extremely knowledgeable at his craft. Hands down, one of the best Tarot readings I have ever had! Thank you”

~ Evelyn Javier, Pasadena - CA


“I really enjoyed my reading with Scott. I was comfortable with him from the very beginning; he is a very warm, welcoming person. I needed some direction in my life and was having some issues. His reading really put things in perspective, and he accurately described things going on in my life that he had no prior knowledge to. Scott is gifted and radiates light and kindness. You can just tell that he really wants to help you, and he does. I highly recommend Scott for a reading anytime”

Nancy K. Duplechain, Author Dark Bayou


"Scott is a seasoned intuitive, teacher and innovator in the practice of Reiki. And a session with him encompasses all of that and more. Whether you've never experienced a Reiki energy session before, or if you're familiar with it, Scott is the practitioner for you. I highly recommend him. Treat yourself!"

Josh B