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Links + Friends

  • Blue Jaguar Is LoveStephanie Syd Yang is a mixed race (Taiwanese, European-American), queer healer who believes that community transformation + liberation begin by first accepting where we are, who we have been and then dreaming into what can be. The medicine she offers the world is deeply rooted in her relationship to the earth, the 4 elements and the magic we co-create with them.  
  • Christopher Penczak: Witch, Teacher, Writer, and Healing Practitioner Christopher is one of my long time favorites for “all of the above.” I lean on his working knowledge of the craft, astrology (his readings are insightful and exact), and in general his lovely self is just great to be around. 
  • Green Man Store: One of the best Pagan and Magickal Space for supplies, readers, and classes in Socal. I also offer classes and readings, healing and consulting
  • Lightness LA: An Online retailer of curated magickal goods, local vendors, handmade items, and original pieces.
  • Mostly Angeles: Candles, Crystals, Healing, and More!
  • Neon Altar: Neon Altar is a modern marketplace for those drawn to the metaphysical: witches, intuitives, psychics, dreamers, tarot readers, and label-less seekers. 
  • Orin and Daben: High frequency, new age, theosophical inspired, channeled materials, education, and more.
  • Temple of Witchcraft: The Temple of Witchcraft’s goal on an individual level is to awaken the potential of the human soul to its natural gifts of psychic awareness, communion with nature and the spirits, and magick. Each individual seeks to live a magickal life. Through these awakenings, we seek an expansion of consciousness through the alignment of our souls with Love, Will, and Wisdom to further the Great Work.
  • Three Legged Crow Healing: At Three Legged Crow, we access this healing wisdom in the form of Bird Essences and Bird Essence Candles.