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The Sacred Other

Magick is living, life is relational, all practice can be deepened, including Witchcraft, and become the beautiful soul-centered piece we desire. The Sacred Other is a dedication to the all the magickal we Other. It is re-centering in the sacred that is off center from the cultural normative standard, and a beautiful strangeness in us all, and so The Sacred Other can be found in all of us, and all things. When we look beyond the expected we find change. When we choose change, we transform. 

Let's dialogue, explore magick, practice craft, gather, learn, circle and change. 
Let's heal, and mend, and open wounds and find our way through, and transform. 
Let's be love, will, and wisdom, and find your center in changing times.

Scott K Smith

I offer safe-spaces for healing, circle, community, meditation, education, and wellness. I am a healer, Witch, Priest in the Temple of Witchcraft. I blend disciplines as a Certified Massage Therapist and Wellness Educator, Reiki Master, and Queer Healer. I am the Co-Author of Reiki Level One: The Practice and Path of Reiki Energy Healing, and contributing writer. I offer at QUEER CARE: LA, Mostly Angels, and in private spaces, pop-up's, and my studio.


Healing Energy/Physical Therapeutic Training: 

I am am a body and energy therapist, specializing in personal health and transformation through ancient and modern practices. I have many clients who are committed to wellness and personal transformation in the methods I structure and apply such as, meditation, journaling, wellness routines, energy work, therapeutic massage, and earth based techniques. 

My work and experience includes:

  • National Holistic Institute ALUMNI (2012), certified Massage Therapist, Wellness Educator, Member CMTC and AMTA
  • Chair and table massage for college and corporate events such as the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA), Public Counsel, and volunteer events at Amma LA, Best Buddies Ride,, Best Friends Network, and Children of the Night Foundation.
  • Private therapeutic massage work located in Glassell Park, but servicing the LA area.
  • Reiki, Reiki, lots of Reiki for over 25 years, working with a broad spectrum of clients, animals, children and people.

I provide a safe, non-judgemental, professional, intentional space for healing work, LGBTQI, POC, friendly space. 

Health and Healing Education

Ritual & Magickal Practices:

Use of ritual and Western Esoteric mediation methods as a visioning and contemplative practice, for more than three decades; Student of the Magickal Arts, Pagan and Indigenous practices--some of which were/are private spiritual practices by indigenous or native peoples through family or friend relation and cannot be share or taught. Currently studying with the (on the path to achieve a ministerial title); Graduate of the Witchcraft I: Inner Temple of WitchcraftWitchcraft II: Outer Temple of WitchcraftWitchcraft III: Shamanic Temple of Witchcraft (Priest); Witchcraft IV: Temple of High Witchcraft; and Wheel of the Year an Online Course a natural and magickal study of the wheel of the year mystery tradition. 

Energy Work Training  + Core meditation practices and advanced inner: 

Reading and Intuitive Work: 

25 years in professional channeling, intuitive, and consulting skills, Tarot Journeyman through self-study of personal meditation and daily practice spanning more than 25 years; Channeling and Clear Guidance, Connecting with your Guide as taught by Orin and Daben; Magickal Training in various forms including work in the Temple of Witchcraft.


Artist with works shown in many publications, galleries and spaces from the American Red Cross Blood Services, the DTLA Art Walk, The White Crane Journal, Downtown LA Artwalk, nominated (2nd place) Best Intuitive Artist (, and more (1994 to the present). Please see the portfolio section of my site for more details. 

Co-Author of Reiki Level One: The Practice and Path of Reiki Energy Healing (2016)

Contributing writer in Finding the Masculine in the Goddess Spiral (2015)

Current and forthcoming musings at the SoCal Pagan Press

Forthcoming Mystery Teachings at

I work by appointment from my Sacred Space and Studio in Glassell Park (NELA), public, scholastic, and private events, rituals, and massage. I have a large resume of work. 

Scott K Smith &

Business Phone for Appointments and Inquiries: 213.254.5302

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