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Scott K Smith

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Home of Scott K Smith, Magick Maker
On Magick, Health, Healing, Ritual, Energy, and Spirit. Dedicated to the Gods in all of us,

"We all have otherness, that is our true beauty."

Magick is living, life is relational, all practice can be deepened, including Witchcraft, and become the beautiful soul-centered piece we desire. The Sacred Other is a dedication to the all the magickal we Other. It is recentering in the sacred that is off center from the cultural normative standard, and a beautiful strangeness in us all, and so The Sacred Other can be found in all of us, and all things.

Let’s dialogue, explore magick, practice craft, gather, learn, circle and spiral.
Let’s heal, and mend, and open wounds and find our way through.
Let’s be love, will, and wisdom.

Drawing on modern healing and contemplative practices, almost three decades of magickal work, Scott offers space for The Sacred to emerge. Sessions allow for us to approach change and heal wounds of separateness through ritual, safe-touch, healing energetics and intuitive arts.

Working from collective wisdom, with love, together we cultivate powerful change, healing, connection, and emergence.
I offer safe-spaces for healing, circle, community, meditation, education, and wellness. I am a healer, Witch, Priest in the Temple of Witchcraft. I blend disciplines as a Certified Massage Therapist and Wellness Educator, Reiki Master, and Queer Healer. I am the Co-Author of Reiki Level One: The Practice and Path of Reiki Energy Healing, and contributing writer in Finding the Masculine in the Goddess Spiral. I offer at QUEER CARE: LA, Mostly Angels, and in private spaces and studio.